Ying, Wei-Min
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Ин Вэйминь

[ Ying, Wei-Min ]
Общая информация
Русская транскрипция: Ин Вэйминь
Имя на родном языке: 應蔚民
Фамилия: Ying
Страна: Тайвань
Дата рождения: суббота, 24 октября, [46 лет]

Ин Вэйминь (YING Wei-Min / 應蔚民) — тайваньский актёр, родился в субботу, 24 октября, 1970 года, в Taipei, Тайвань.

Ying is the lead vocal of the band “The Clippers”, who is best-known for the song “Turn on the Disco Ball”. His exaggerative performance and unique look have attracted several filmmakers to cast him in their films, including Better than Sex by Chao-pin Su and the Best Short Film of the Golden Horse Film Festival The Magical Washmashine by Yun-chan Lee.
  • Lead vocalist of Taiwanese underground band The Clippers (Jiazi).
  • Has performed at the Live Comedy Club Taipei since June 2007.
  • One of his favorite artists is Japanese singer/songwriter Tatuya Ishii.
Как актер:
  • 2008 Hái-kak chhit-ho
  • 2008 Intoxicant
  • 2002 Ai qing ling yao
Как композитор:
  • 2002 Ai qing ling yao


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