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Vandenberg Dominiquie

[ Vandenberg, Dominiquie ]
Общая информация
Фамилия: Vandenberg
Страна: США
Дата рождения: [48 лет]

Dominiquie Vandenberg (VANDENBERG Dominiquie) — американский актёр, родился в 1969 году, в Belgium.

  • Martial arts practitioner (Free Style 'Full Combat' champion)
  • Dominiquie's first starring role as Andre in The Honorable (2002) can be seen when the film hits the video shelves in March of 2003. The film is a semi autobiographical account of his journey to the US.
  • Ex-French Foreign Legion Special Forces, served with the 2nd REP Paras for five years in Africa and the far East, before working as an independent advisor or soldier for hire. Competed as a professional in Muay Thai kick boxing in Burma and Thailand following his stint in the legion -- believes his time living in the rural boxing camps served as a decompression chamber for the years in combat and actually served to keep him sane.
  • Actually served in the French Foreign Legion Special Forces for a five year stint. Saw engagement in Africa and Bosnia.
  • One of the few "so called" knife fighting technicians to have actually survived real life encounters.
Как актер:
  • 2010 Su Qi-Er
  • 2009 The Butcher
  • 2009 Green Street Hooligans 2
  • 2009 Charlie Valentine
  • 2009 The Perfect Sleep
  • 2007 Alien Agent в роли Sartek
  • 2006 Inland Empire в роли Trainyard Worker
  • 2005 Pit Fighter в роли Jack Severino
  • 2004 Skeleton Man
  • 2002 Gangs of New York
  • 2002 The Honorable
  • 1999 The Doorman
  • 1998 Death Row the Tournament
  • 1996 Barb Wire
Как продюсер:
  • 2002 The Honorable
  • 1999 The Doorman


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