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Lin Ruby

[ Lin, Ruby ]
Общая информация
Имя на родном языке: 林心如
Фамилия: Lin
Другие имена: Ruby Lin
Страна: Тайвань
Дата рождения: вторник, 27 января, [41 год]

Ruby Lin (LIN Ruby / 林心如) — тайваньская актриса, родилась во вторник, 27 января, 1976 года, в Taipei, Тайвань.

  • Profession: Actress, model and singer
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Bloodtype: B
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Family: Two younger brothers
  • Education: Ri Xin (primary school), Zhong Dian High School, Embassy CES NY and New York Art School
  • Languages: English, Taiwanese, Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Ranked 10th in the Most Popular Stars organized by China on-line search center in 2005.
  • Amabassador of the Red Cross Society of China.
  • Ambassador of Anti-depression Campaign in China.
  • Her favorite Chinese actress is Maggie Cheung.
  • She studied in Embassy CES New York and NY film academy.
  • Former spokesperson for Coca Cola during 2001-2002.
  • Won 2006 Entertainment China Star Ceremony "Taiwanese Trendy Actress".
  • 2007 Drama Actors Income Ranking - 2st ranked Taiwan celebrity.
  • 2006 Drama Actors Income Ranking - 1st ranked Taiwan celebrity.
  • Won 2006 Top Chinese TV Drama Awards Favorite Taiwan Actress Award.
  • Spokesperson of VOV since 2006.
  • Her favorite Chinese singer is Leslie Cheung.
  • Spokesperson of China mobile since 2007.
  • Won 2007 Lycra China Fashion Awards "Outstanding Contribution to Charity".
  • Won 2006 MTV Style Awards "Most Style Actress of the year".
  • Ruby Lin and Vivian Hsu runs an charity auction site in yahoo Taiwan.
  • Won 2006 BQ Awards Taiwan Most popular actress.
  • Shanghai Marketing Research ranked 10th China's Most Powerful star of 2005.
  • Spokesperson of Christian Dior watch since 2005.
  • Ruby Lin, Andy Lau and Yao Ming's name on Beijing's new English textbook increase the students' interest in learning English.
  • Ambassador of Chinese Culture Festival in Korea 2004.
  • Shot to fame with the role of Little Ziwei princess in the Qiong Yao book-turned-TV serial Huang Zhu Ge Ge (The Return of Princess Pearl).
  • Host of Taiwan talk show "Kang Yong Dang Jia" 3 months as special host.
  • Won 2006 Tom Hero Award "Top 4 actress of the year" 1st place.
  • Won 2007 Cosmopolitan beauty award "Best makeup artist".
  • Won 1999 Hong Kong Metro Radio Station Best new singer.
  • Won 2004 China East Music Award "Best soundtrack song" for Chinese TV drama theme song "Ban Shang Yuan".
  • On May 2008, become China net-ease's volunteer and wrote a letter of encouragement for Sichuan earthquake victims.
  • Has owned a restaurant in Dali (Yunnan, China) with Hong Kong director Stanley Tong since 2006.
  • She is the first Taiwan actress to be listed in China Central TV (CCTV)'s Top 10 TV series actress.
  • Member of Taiwan Movie association Society.
  • Spokesperson of Wetherm Beauty since 2008.
  • Ambassador of United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)'s "Donate $1" Campaign for the students of the China earthquake area.
  • Supporter of China Music Radio "2008 Kappa I Want to Go to School Campaign".
  • Won the 11th annual M-zone music award "Artist of the year".
  • Won the 11th annual M-zone music award "Golden Melody of the Year".
  • Cast as leading role in first TV series that obtained permits for mainland actors to begin filming in Taiwan "Love In Sun Moon Lake".
  • Won 2009 China Charity Star award "Children's Most Favorite Star".
  • Nominated for 3rd Annual Top 10 Filial people in China.
  • Special performer of CCTV 2001 Spring Festival Ceremony.
  • 2004 Watson HongKong Beauty Award - Most Beautiful Female actress.
  • May 2009, become official Goodwill ambassador for Seoul, South Korea.
  • Attended the 2009 Hi Seoul Festival from 4th May to 9th, and stayed in Korea to enjoy the Hi Seoul Festival as Goodwill ambassador.
  • Nominated 2009 Top Chinese Music Chart Awards Most favorite female singer.
  • Listed in '10 Most favorite Taiwan artist' Selected by China(mainland) CCTV TV channel's poll.
  • Spoke-person of Estee Lauder as its "My Cover Girl". [2009]
  • Listed in Top 10 Chinese ticket power artist in Korea & Japan market.
  • Won 2009 China Forbes Magazine award "Charity star of the year".
  • Amabassador of China Sohy charity "Easy Go" project from 2009.
  • Won 2010 CRI searching poll "Most favorite Taiwan/Hongkong female actress".
  • Won 2009 China-International Advertisement award "Most powerful spoke-person star of the year".
  • Ambassador of 2009~2010 Cartier Watch exhibition in Whole China.
Как актриса:
  • 2010 Wu ren jia shi
  • 2010 San guo в роли Sun Shangxiang
  • 2009 Feng shen bang 2 в роли Su Da Ji (2009)
  • 2009 Fei chang wan mei
  • 2009 Ya mei gui в роли Xia Mei Gui
  • 2009 Da Li gong zhu в роли Ai Yue
  • 2006 Di xia tie
  • 2005 Mo shu qi yuan
  • 2005 Yi shi er niao в роли Xin Xin
  • 2004 Sang sei chok dai в роли Suen Yanyan
  • 2004 Saam sap fun chung luen oi в роли Liu Hai
  • 2003 Ban sheng yuan
  • 2003 Nan cai nu mao
  • 2003 Fei dao you jian fei dao
  • 2001 Qing shen shen yu meng meng
  • 2001 Shao nian zhang san feng
  • 2001 Maan ung fung wan в роли Mandy
  • 2000 Leui ting jin ging в роли Ruby
  • 2000 A Matter of Time
  • 2000 Da ying jia
  • 1999 Ku jing guai tan в роли Judy
  • 1999 E nu lie zhuan
  • 1999 Huan zhu ge ge 2
  • 1998 Huan zhu ge ge
  • 1995 Xue xiao ba wang в роли Princess
Как композитор:
  • 2003 Ban sheng yuan
  • 1999 Huan zhu ge ge 2
  • 1998 Huan zhu ge ge
Играет себя:
  • 2009 Shi jie dian ying zhi lv
  • 2004 Lin xin ru han guo fang wen ji
  • 2000 2000 Chun jie lian hua wan hui


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