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Baker Ox

[ Baker, Ox ]
Общая информация
Фамилия: Baker
Другие имена: Douglas A. Baker
Страна: США
Дата рождения: четверг, 19 апреля, [82 года]

Ox Baker (BAKER Ox) — американский актёр, родился в четверг, 19 апреля, 1934 года, в Sedalia, Missouri, USA (according to IMDb), Waterloo, Iowa (according to Wikipedia).

  • Professional wrestler. Was once a contestant on "The New Price Is Right" (1972). Was named first runner up in the "Most Hated Wrestler" poll of 1976, by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.
  • Author of several cookbooks.
  • He gained notoriety in 1970 after giving a "heart punch" to opponent Alberto Torres. Torres was rushed to the hospital where he died. It was later determined that Torres had apparently entered the ring with a ruptured pancreas.
Как актер:
  • 1985 Blood Circus
  • 1981 Escape from New York
  • 1980 The Big Brawl
  • 1957 Stampede Wrestling
Играет себя:
  • 2010 PWS: Vendetta
  • 2010 Card Subject to Change
  • 2008 Best of the MWF
  • 2006 The Absolute Truth About Pro Wrestling
  • 2004 MWF: Soul Survivor II
  • 1993 WCW Slamboree 1993
  • 1985 I Like to Hurt People
  • 1981 The New Price Is Right
  • 1972 AWA All-Star Wrestling


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«Ox Baker: Wrestler, chef, author», by GREG OLIVER
ссылка на:
«Ox Baker is a man with a lot of stories from his 28 years in pro wrestling. After being retired for 10 years, he began to notice a pattern in his stories -- many of them were about food. ...»
Biography at Official site
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«Ox Baker was an amateur high school wrestler in 1962 before getting thrown out of school. He played football for six years, 4 in high school and two in the service. In the early 1960's Ox approached Kansas City promoters about wrestling and was paid $300 for his first night. ... He has done work ...» (раскрыть)
Ox Baker's profile at
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«Real Name: Douglas A Baker Nickname: Killer Height: 6'5" Weight: 340 lbs. Date of birth: April 19,1934 From: Kansas City, Missouri Pro debut: 1962 Trained by: Buddy "Killer" Austin, Pat O'Connor, and Bob Geigel Finishing move: The Hurt Punch Current Member of: Ox Baker & Billy Graham...»
Ox Baker's profile at
ссылка на:
«Real Name: Douglas A. Baker Birthday: April 19, 1934 Hometown: Iowa Marital Status: Married to Peggy Ann Height & Weight: 6'5" - 342 lbs Trained by: Debut: 1972 Previous Gimmicks: Doug Baker, The Ox (WWWF jobber), Doug "Ox" Baker (Calgary) Finishing Move: Heart Punch Notable Feuds: Harley...» (раскрыть)

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