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Общая информация
Английское название: Warlords, The
Оригинальное название: Tau Ming Chong (投名狀)
Страна: Китай, Гонконг
Год: 2007
Рейтинг IMDb: 7.1 9201 голос
Описание: Основан на фильме Чанга Че (Chang Cheh) - Кровавые братья (Blood Brothers) 1973 года. Самое большое кино-событие года и самый кассовый китайский фильм в 2007 году. В главных ролях задействованы популярнейшие китайские актеры - Джет Ли, Энди Лау и Такеси Канэсиро. Блестяще поставленные бои, за хореографию которых ответственен известный по работе в кинофильме Герой (Hero) Джана Имоу - Чинг Сиу-Тунг, перемежаются с впечатляющими масштабными сценами сражений.

События разворачиваются во времена знаменитого восстание тайпинов. Героическая повесть о трех друзьях, которые познают цену данной друг другу кровной клятвы на полях сражений, во времена нужды и головокружительных успехов, любовных и политических интриг.

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Информация по фильму
Перевод: Субтитры
Язык субтитров: Русский
Изображение: Цветное
Продолжительность: 127

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Tags: Warlords, Tau Ming Chong, 2007, Китайские фильмы, Гонконгские фильмы, Экшн, Драма, Исторический, Военный, азиатское кино

Рецензии и ревью на

Lunapark6 review источник: http://lunapark6.com/the-warlords.html
«With “The Warlords” you do get a plethora of epic battle scenes that will probably draw its share of oohs and aahs. Jet Li should also be commended for his convincing portrayal of a complicated and ultimately ruthless character. The story itself was a tad cornball, while the love affair lacked from the beginning. The attractiveness of the movie doesn’t reside on the cerebral level but more from the guts. Ultimately, “The Warlords” is mostly an entertaining film that should sell a boatload of tickets, popcorn, and cokes. »
LoveHKFilm.com review источник: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/warlords.html
«In many ways, The Warlords feels like Hollywood-style Hong Kong filmmaking, in that it uses scale, CGI, and strong, but expected drama to create a predictable experience. There's emotional complexity in the characters and their conflicts, but it's all rather rote, and possesses little or no surprise. Intermittent voiceover from Takeshi Kaneshiro is used to force-feed lessons and observations, and there isn't much to be gleamed beyond what's put out there on the screen. A total of eight screenwriters (Aubrey Lam and James Yuen, among them) are credited on The Warlords, making the end credits resemble the written-by-committee crawl you might normally see attached to a Hollywood film. This is a large, impressive production, but The Warlords is dwarfed by its own sense of commercialism. It's got big stars, grand production values, overwrought drama, predictable conflicts, and even a China-safe aversion to tougher themes. This is an easily digestible and very impressive-seeming motion picture, but the ability to impress beyond the expected just isn't there.»
A Nutshell Review, by Stefan S источник: http://anutshellreview.blogspot.com/2007/12/warlords-tau-ming-chong.html
«A remake of sorts of Shaw Brothers' Ci Ma some 35 years ago, Peter Chan has brought to us a worthy Chinese epic movie with lavish production values, and one deserving of being called a magnificent effort. And yes, this deserves a watch in seeing who's actually playing who, and with a stellar cast to boot, I don't see why not. Highly recommended!»
Variety, by DEREK ELLEY источник: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117935789.html?categoryid=1270&cs=1
«Despite that, and even with a perf by Lau that develops some real heft in the middle going, "Warlords" is still Li's movie, seemingly justifying the reportedly huge chunk of the budget that went toward his fee alone.»
MovieExclusive, by John Li источник: http://www.moviexclusive.com/review/thewarlords/thewarlords.htm
«Such is the skill of a good storyteller like Chan: It doesn’t matter when the tale is set in; a fine filmmaker will have the power to affect you emotionally amidst all the wham-bham action of things.»

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Chan, PeterCHAN Peter
YIP Wai Man
CHUN Tin Nam
HUANG Jianxin
YUEN James
HE Jiping
XU Lan
GUO Junli
LAM Oi Wah
HUI Jo Jo Yuet-Chun
KO Leon
Kam, PeterKAM Peter
Chan, Kwong WingCHAN Kwong Wing

В ролях

Li, JetLI Jet
в роли General Ma Xinyi
Lau, AndyLAU Andy
в роли Cao Er-Hu
Kaneshiro, TakeshiKANESHIRO Takeshi
в роли Zhang Wen-Xiang
Xu, JingleiXU Jinglei
в роли Lian
GU Bao-Ming
Guo, XiaodongGUO Xiaodong
SHI Zhaoqi
в роли He Kui
WANG Kuirong
в роли Jiang Da Ren
WANG Yachao
в роли Young soldier

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