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Общая информация
Английское название: Mother
Оригинальное название: Madeo (마더)
Страна: Южная Корея
Год: 2009
Рейтинг IMDb: 8 5775 голосов

Не презирайте её сына.
Она не перенесёт этого.
Она — мать.

Двадцативосьмилетний умственно отсталый Дo Чжун живет со своей матерью, которая беззаветно его любит и тщательно оберегает от напастей. Но как бы не старалась мать, сын все равно постоянно влипает неприятности, потому что водит дружбу с соседским хулиганом Чжин Тхэ, который при случае сваливает на глупого Ду Чжуна свои проступки. И когда в округе находят тело убитой девушки и подозрения падают на ничего не понимающего Дo Чжуна, его мать полна решимости найти настоящего убийцу и обелить сына.
  • Сценарий для фильм был специально написан под актрису Ким Хе Чжа, знаменитую своими ролями матерей на телевидении и в кино.

  • 10 ноября 2008 года, когда было отснято приблизительно 20% материала, права на дистрибуцию фильма были уже проданы Diaphana Films во Франции и Bitters End в Японии.

  • Премьера фильма состоялась на Канском фестивале в мае 2009, куда он был приглашен в секцию 'Un Certain Regard'. И хотя фильм не получил награды, он сорвал овации и был высоко оценен критиками.

  • Мать установила новый рекорд по сборам, продав 1,2 миллиона билетов всего за первые 4 дня показа на 765 экранах Кореи. В течение всего проката было продано 3 миллиона билетов (на сумму более чем в 19,9 биллионов вон) и фильм оставался в топе бокс-офиса в течение 6 недель.

  • Мать была выбрана для участия в 82-ом награждения премии Оскар в категории Лучший Зарубежный Фильм, обойдя в гонке Thirst Чхан Ук Пака и Breathless Ян Ик Чжуна.
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Информация по фильму
Перевод: Субтитры
Язык субтитров: Английский, Русский
Изображение: Цветное
Продолжительность: 127

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Видеоролик фильма Мать (трейлер)

Tags: Mother, Madeo, 2009, Корейские фильмы, Криминал, Драма, Мистика, Триллер, азиатское кино

Рецензии и ревью на

(общая оценка: 4,1 из 5 исходя из 5 рецензий)
Twitch, by X - 9/10 источник: http://twitchfilm.net/reviews/2009/09/k-film-reviews-mother.php
«... what Mother serves us with is a dose of 2000s pungent scent, specifically of Lee Myung-Bak's Korea. ... If Memories of Murder brimmed with chaotic violence borne out of the "glorious" 80s, the invisible violence against the weak displayed in Mother is all the more painful - perhaps because many people are living it as we speak.
... Mother is many things which remind of Bong's older exploits, but also shows the possibility of a new direction, elements which could seriously come into play in a few years... »
Variety, by DEREK ELLEY источник: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117940276.html?categoryid=31&cs=1
«Less visionary than Bong's 2003 serial-killer mystery, "Memories of Murder," but with the same skillfully natural evocation of a rural community hiding dark secrets, "Mother" will prove a tougher sell than Bong's hit monster movie, "The Host," but should get a warm embrace from upscale auds, despite having been unjustly denied a competition berth at Cannes.»
Koreanfilm.org, by Duncan Mitchel источник: http://www.koreanfilm.org/kfilm09.html#mother
«Bong likes to build his stories around ordinary people. ... His manner is operatic: reactions, facial expressions, sound design, even the weather (see the use of rain in Mother) tend to be over the top. Even Won Bin's stupefied look is rapturous in its dullness. Typically for Bong, there are plenty of small jokes at the expense of movie cliches - misrecognitions, comically inappropriate reactions - jokes that make you wince as you laugh.»
Asian Movie Pulse - 8/10 источник: http://www.asianmoviepulse.com/2009/10/04/mother-joon-ho-bong-korean-m~~~review/
«Whilst similar in nature ‘Mother’ stands tall in its own right as a great example of well paced film making. Whilst many will find the first half of ‘Mother’ boring, those familiar with the movies of Bong and to a certain extent Hitchcock, well find the mix of drama and thriller an almost perfect blend.»
Urban Cinefile, by Geoff Gardner источник: http://www.urbancinefile.com.au/home/view.asp?a=16044&s=Reviews
«Tracking through the story with her provides thrills and shocks and more than a bit of bone jarring violence in the rather graphic fashion known as the modern way. But there's quite some mastery here in telling the story and Korea's soft underbelly, a nation on the collective make and out to get what it can, gets more than a little attention.»
EYE WEEKLY, by Jason Anderson - 4/5 источник: http://www.eyeweekly.com/specialpresentations/article/70377
«Knottily plotted and blackly comic, it plays out like some lost Edgar Allan Poe story retooled as a Douglas Sirk–style portrait of maternal suffering.»
Slant Magazine, by Fernando F. Croce - 3/4 источник: http://www.slantmagazine.com/film/film_review.asp?ID=4581
«Mother suffers somewhat from being a melodrama in which the strongest emotion stems from the director's absurdist scorn for his creations. Still, there's no denying the power of Kim's central performance, or Bong's tremendous stylistic control over the film's shifts in mood and gallery of dancing fools whose dark stories seem perpetually about to topple into farce.»
notcoming.com, by Cullen Gallagher источник: http://www.notcoming.com/reviews/mother2/
«For all of Bong’s motifs both narrative and aesthetic, what is most impressive is his ability to seamlessly orchestrate so many different modes of expression and still retain the overall feeling of unity. ... It’s an equally bold counterpart to the film’s opening, but more importantly it’s a stunningly composed shot from a director who isn’t afraid to risk the previous two hours on an oblique, uninhibited shot. And personally, I think it all pays off.»
OhmyNews, by Kyu Hyun Kim источник: http://www.hancinema.net/bong-joon-ho-s-latest-challenge-in-mother--20~~~88.html
«It is the kind of movie that leaves you spent, stunned and even devastated. Aside from being an unusually powerful thriller blessed with the maybe-twice-in-a-lifetime great performance from a veteran Korean actress, "Mother" is also an awesomely ambitious artistic statement that cuts deeply into the true nature of love and devotion.»
Twitch, Interviews: Bong Joon-Ho Talks MOTHER источник: http://twitchfilm.net/interviews/2010/03/bong-joon-ho-talks-mother.php~~~hing%29
«- Is making social commentary what drives your ideas and filmmaking?

- It's not to say that the main purpose is to criticise or say something about society as a greater whole, but I'm more concerned with the individual and specific people and the human concerns that arise within a narrative. Because I'm obviously making films that concern Korean characters, I think there's probably something in that regard of cultural sense in the peoples that I portray and the characters, but I think it's also hard to separate an individual from the society that they come from, as well. »

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Bong, Joon-HoПОН Чжун Хо
PARK Eun-Kyo
PARK Wun-Kyo
LEE Byeong-Woo
CJ EntertainmentCJ Entertainment

В ролях

Kim, Hye-JaКИМ Хе Чжа
в роли mother
Won, BinВОН Бин
в роли Yoon Do-joon
Jin, KuЧИН Гу
в роли Jin-tae
Yun, Je-MunЮН Чже Мун
в роли Je-moon
Jeon, Mi-SeonЧОН Ми Сон
в роли Mi-seon
Song, Sae-ByukСОН Сэ Бёк
в роли Sepaktakraw detective
Kim, Byung-SunКИМ Бён Сун
в роли Group leader
Moon, Hee-RaМУН Хый Ра
в роли Moon Ah-jeong
Cheon, Woo-heeЧХОН У Хый
в роли Mi-na
Yeo, Moo-yeongЁ Му Ён
в роли Lawyer Kong Seok-ho

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