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Общая информация
Английское название: Alone
Оригинальное название: Faet (แฝด)
Страна: Таиланд
Год: 2007
Рейтинг IMDb: 6.4 1433 голоса
Описание: Новый пугающий фильм ужасов от режиссёр 'Shutter'.

Разногласия в отношениях между двумя сестрами сиамскими близнецами приводят к тому, что одна из них настаивает на их разделении. Вторая сестра операции не пережила и ее разгневанных дух начинает преследовать выжившую сестру.

Информация по фильму
Звук: Тайский
Перевод: Субтитры
Язык субтитров: Английский
Изображение: Цветное

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Tags: Alone, Faet, 2007, Тайские фильмы, Драма, Ужасы, азиатское кино

Рецензии и ревью на

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Lunapark6 reviw источник: http://lunapark6.com/alone-faet.html
«Holy Pad Thai! Creepy and chilling would be apt descriptions for the Thai film named “Alone”. A large part of the success for “Alone” would be due to the impressive talents of directors Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom. The duo showed off their horror movie making chops in a highly stylish and efficient manner. The film had a brisk 90 minute runtime, while visually the film looked gorgeous throughout. Oversaturated colors were abundant throughout and the special effects were so good that you just didn’t notice them. »
Andrew James at Toronto After Dark Festival источник: http://moviepatron.com/blog2/index.php/reviews/comments/alone/
«The scares will keep coming out of Alone at high rates and each time in unique styles and circumstances. No cliched, long-haired, zombie-esque chicks here; just quality frights by creative film makers and obvious masters of the genre. Possibly the best film at the recent Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Alone is an obvious crowd pleaser. It's been winning several awards on the fetival circuit and for good reason. Alone is a film not to be missed by fans (and non-fans) of the horror, or just plain scary, genre. »
BeyondHollywood, by James Mudge источник: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/alone-2007-movie-review/
«“Alone” is probably the best Asian ghost film since “A Tale of Two Sisters”, and proves that when done right the genre still has plenty to offer. Although undeniably haunted by an air of the familiar, through masterly execution Pisanthanakun and Wongpoom wring every last shriek from the set up, confirming that “Shutter” was no one-off, and that they are indeed amongst the best directors on the international horror scene - though their next work will hopefully see them taking on something a little different. »
A Nutshell Revie, by Stefan S источник: http://anutshellreview.blogspot.com/2007/07/alone.html
«Some points on what was discussed:

  • Unlike Shutter, there were no supernatural happenings on the set of Alone (watch the DVD extras of Shutter to find out what exactly

  • The directors were lucky to have Marsha on board as she was looking into making a movie comeback

  • I actually asked how they collaborate in the production, given that they're sharing the writer-director credit. And the usual reply (from the translator, which I thought was amazing given the few words that they said) explained that they collaborated a lot behind the scenes to iron out everything before filming began, thus they knew what results they were after.

  • This is a US$2.5 million production (no wonder it looked so good!)

  • The house featured was purpose-built

  • The CGI was done by the same team who did the effects in Black Hawk Down

  • No animals were harmed in the movie

  • The US remake of Shutter stars Rachael Taylor, who starred as the blonde hacker in Michael Bay's Transformers, and is due for a 2008 release


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