2009: Стертая Память
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2009: Стертая Память

Общая информация
Английское название: 2009: Lost Memories
Оригинальное название: 2009: Lost Memories (2009 로스트메모리즈)
Страна: Южная Корея
Год: 2002
Рейтинг IMDb: 6.2 2200 голосов
Описание: 1909 год. Китай окупирован японскими войсками. Сопротивление готовит покушение на главу одной из крупнейших вражеских корпораций. Но все идет наперекосяк. Один из японских солдат словно знал обо всем заранее, и убийца получает пулю в грудь, едва успев вытащить пистолет. И из-за такого, казалось бы, незначительного эпизода вся мировая история идет наперекосяк. Япония укрепляет свои позиции в Китае и Корее, а во Второй мировой войне выступает на стороне США. И атомные бомбы летят уже на Берлин. Основное действие картины разворачивается в 2009 году в Сеуле - одном из городов огромной Японской империи. Несмотря на столетие, прошедшее с захвата Кореи, на ее территории продолжают дейстовать сепаратистские группировки, крупнейшая из которых, КРА (Корейская республиканская армия) совершает захват заложников в выставочном комплексе. После расследования инцидента у полиции сложилось впечатление, что революционерам были нужны не заложники, а что-то совсем другое. Это непростое дело поручают вести Сакамото Масаюки, корейцу по национальности. Поначалу он не испытывает ни малейшей симпатии к 'террористам', но постепенно корейская кровь в его жилах дает знать о себе, и, некогда лучший друг, Масаюки - напарник Саиго Шоджиру, становится его злейшим врагом.
Информация по фильму
Звук: Русский
Перевод: Одноголосый
Изображение: Цветное
Продолжительность: 127

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Видеоролик фильма 2009: Стертая Память (трейлер)

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Рецензии и ревью на

2009: Стертая Память
The New York Times, by JEANNETTE CATSOULIS источник: http://movies2.nytimes.com/2005/05/20/movies/20lost.html
«The director, Lee Simyung, in collaboration with Lee Sanghak, has written a screenplay that leaps unexpectedly from action thriller to science-fiction drama without losing sight of the humanity beneath the nationalism. The result is an impressive, if too long, first feature that is likely to raise Japanese hackles and Korean spirits in roughly equal proportion.»
CyberPunkReview, by SFAM источник: http://www.cyberpunkreview.com/movie/decade/2000-current/2009-lost-memories/
«There is a cost of entry to understanding 2009: Lost Memories. It helps if you recognize the difference between Japanese and Korean Characters. Japanese characters are pictoral in nature, whereas Korean characters look like boxes, half-boxes (L-shaped characters) and circles. This is significant especially at the beginning. The other important element is to know which language they are speaking. Sakamoto is Korean, whereas his partner, Saigo Shojirou is Japanese. The importance and meaning of the scenes is often given away when they switch over to speaking Korean (most of the movie’s “public” scenes are in Japanese). For instance, when Sakamoto is with his uncle, he ALWAYS speaks Korean. Also important to know is the latent hatred that still exists in Korea towards Japan for the time they were occupied (up until WWII). To Koreans, this movie will come off as far more emotional than for foreigners.»
FilmThreat, by Jeremy Knox источник: http://www.filmthreat.com/index.php?section=reviews&Id=6481
«This is all very nice, but know what's bugging me? The movie gets cold feet. It chickens out and doesn't play fair. 2009 could have been one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time. The concept that BOTH the real world and the alternate future aren't very desirable (for the North Koreans at the very least- they lose either way) is a fascinating one. However, the idea is never brought up. Sure, there's innuendo and suggestion, but that's all it is. No one ever stops their headlong rush to get to the third act to think about what they're doing for a second.»
Pan-Asia Review Archive источник: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/panasia/2009_lost_memories.htm
«...the more superficial aspects of the film are superior. The action, while of the Hollywood shoot-em-up variety, is exciting and well-done. Furthermore, the production design, cinematography, and costumes are excellent. This is one good-looking movie. Charismatic actors Jang Dong-Gun (who starred in the blockbuster Friend) and Toru Nakamura (of Gen-X Cops and Tokyo Raiders fame) do well with their parts, though Nakamura has an unenviable character to play. Shojiro Saigo could have been the film's most pivotal character, and he's certainly the most conflicted. However, despite Nakamura's generous portrayal of the character, Saigo ends up as nothing more than another pawn in the twisting narrative of the film.»
TVGuide, by Maitland McDonagh источник: http://www.tvguide.com/movies/2009-lost-memories/review/137961
«Though it ultimately devolves into megabudget Hollywood action-movie cliches by way of John Woo, Lee's handsome blockbuster is an entertaining variation on the American formulas that have colonized world cinema.»
village voice, by Ed Park источник: http://www.villagevoice.com/film/0520,tracking2,64051,20.html
«Trouble is, the concept doesn't quite work. The shooting was only one factor in the annexation of Korea; given Japan's imperial appetites, surely some other pretext would have been found. Why go back and enforce the assassination (or for that matter, if you're one of 2009's Japanese, prevent it), if things would have turned out more or less the same either way? Why not travel back in time and not make this movie?»
BeyondHollywood, review by Nix источник: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/2009-lost-memories-2001-movie-review/
«As an action movie, “Lost Memories” works, but as a sci-fi film, its Time Travel angle is ineptly written and executed. For example: there is a device that can send people through time and alter history, but the people who have it are hauling it around in metal crates without an army to protect it? Gee, people just don’t treat time travel machines the way they use to.»
Variety, by DEREK ELLEY источник: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117918151.html?categoryid=31&cs=1
«"2009 -- Lost Memories," is more often a noirish action drama, a melancholy meditation on history and nationalism, than the high-tech thriller promised by its hype and artwork. A wannabe Japanese-Korean buddy movie wrapped around a hokey, what-if/sci-fi drama, the movie is far too leisurely for the international market, but provides steady enough entertainment over its two-plus hours for Asiaphiles, signaling some fest and ancillary action.»

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Lee, Si-MyungЛИ Си Мён
LEE Sang-Hak
Lee, Dong-JunЛИ Дон Чжун
CJ EntertainmentCJ Entertainment

В ролях

Jang, Dong-KunЧАН Дон Гон
в роли Masayuki Sakamoto
Nakamura, TôruНАКАМУРА Тоору
в роли Shojiro Saigo
Ahn, Kil-KangАН Гил Ган
в роли Myung-Hak Lee
DAIMON Masaaki
Imamura, ShoheiИМАМУРА Сё̈хэй
KATSUBE Nobuyuki
KIM Min-Sun
в роли Kindergarten teacher
в роли Inoue Man (voice: English version)
Mitsuishi, KenМИЦУИСИ Кэн
в роли Hideyo
SEO Jin-Ho
в роли Hye-Rin Oh
Shin, GooСИН Гу
в роли Takahashi
в роли Yuriko Shojiro
WOO Sang-Jeon

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