Sakai, Noriko
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Noriko Sakai

[ Sakai, Noriko ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 酒井法子 (さかい のりこ)
Family name: Sakai
Country: Japan
Birth date: Sunday, February 14, [46 years old]
Birth place: Fukuoka, Japan

Noriko was first introduced to the world in 1985, signing on with BOMB Magazine after being discovered at the Grand Prix beauty pageant. Noriko then made her debut in 1986 as a JPOP idol, signing on with Sun Music. Her first piece of merchandise was her Video YUPPIE book, released in November 1986. Her first single, Otoko no Ko ni Naritai was released in February 1987, and her first LP, Fantasia, was released later in June. Since 1987, she released over 25 LPs and CDs, and dozens of CD-singles. Her anthems include Aoi Usagi, Kagami no Doresu, Hohoemi wo Mitsuketa, and YUMEBOKEN.

Noriko is also a seiyu for various childrens' videos, and even recorded several anime theme songs. Her most famous is Ureshi Namida, the opening theme song for the anime Video Girl Ai. Creator Masakazu Katsura even once mentioned that he created the character Hayashida Moemi after Nori-P. She also performed the opening theme song Active Heart for the late 1980's anime Gunbuster. And, she has illustrated a few children storybooks, one of them titled Nori-chan starring YUPPIE.

Noriko first appeared in a Japanese drama in 1986, taking on a minor role in the drama Harukaze Ichiban!. Her first major role came in 1993, playing Kashiwagi Koyuki in the Fuji TV hit series Hitotsu Yane no Shita. Hitotsu had an average viewership of 33.7-percent, one of the highest viewed trendy drama series of the 1990's, and certainly the most popular Noriko has ever starred in.

An even more challenging role came to Noriko in 1995, starring in Hoshi no Kinka as Kuramoto Aya, a mute. She spent months prior to filming learning sign language. It has been brought up numerous times where in episode 1, some people really believed she couldn’t hear. She repeated her Aya role in 1996, starring in Zoku Hoshi no Kinka. The second series actually had a higher viewership rating.

Her NHK Taiga drama major role opportunity came in 2002, starring as One in Toshiie to Matsu. And, she captured a starring role in the NHK Asadora Fight, playing the mother to the 15-year old heroine. This is a challenge for me. I want to play a cheerful mother, she said with a smile in one interview. I’ve always admired strong wives, so I am using this role as a learning experience. I think playing a warm-hearted mother who isn’t too unfriendly would be about right. --- Groink 22:20, 6 Aug 2006 (EDT)

  • Dismissed from Sun Music Production and her contract with Victor Entertainment canceled, after a drug possession charge was brought against her in August 2009.
  • Attending Sozo Gakuen University.
As an actress:
  • 2008 Iesutadeizu
  • 2008 Esu esu
  • 2008 Shinri
  • 2007 Maru maru chibi Maruko-chan
  • 2006 Shûccho ryôrinin: Saigo no bansan todokemasu
  • 2006 I Am Nipponjin
  • 2005 Kunitori monogatari
  • 2005 Fight
  • 2004 Mûnraito jerîfisshu
  • 2004 Yogen
  • 2003 Ju-on 2
  • 2003 Okami ni narimasu!
  • 2002 Toshiie to matsu: kaga hyakumangoku monogatari
  • 2000 Poketto monsutâ: Pichû to Pikachû
  • 1998 Hana no oedo no Tsuribaka Nisshi
  • 1998 Seija no koushin
  • 1997 Hitotsu yane no shita 2
  • 1995 Hoshi no kinka
  • 1994 Deatta koro no kimi de ite
  • 1993 Hitotsu yane no shita
  • 1990 Daihyô torishimariyaku deka
As a composer:
  • 1987 Anime san jushi
  • 2010 Nyûsu kyasutâ: Jôhô 7 days


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