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Yukio Mishima

[ Mishima, Yukio ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 三島 由紀夫 (みしま ゆきお)
Family name: Mishima
Also known as: Kimitaké Hiraoka
Country: Japan
Birth date: Wednesday, January 14,
Birth place: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Death date: Wednesday, November 25, [46 years ago at the age of 45]
Yukio Mishima (MISHIMA Yukio / 三島 由紀夫 / みしま ゆきお) is a Japanese writer, born on Wednesday, January 14, 1925, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
  • He excelled in bodybuilding to the extent that he used to show off at his gym by lying on a weight-lifting bench and moving a coin up and down his abdomen without using his hands.
  • His body of work includes 40 novels, 18 plays, 20 books of short stories, at least 20 books of essays and one libretto.
As an actor:
  • 1969 Hitokiri
  • 1969 Kuro tokage
  • 1966 Yûkoku
  • 1960 Karakkaze yarô
As a director:
  • 1966 Yûkoku
As a producer:
  • 1966 Yûkoku


External links

Short biographical entry
link to: http://alumni.ox.compsoc.net/~simon/simons/historyweb/mishima.html
«Pseudonym of Kimitake Hiraoka (1925-1970), Japanese novelist, whose central theme is the dichotomy between traditional Japanese values and the spiritual barrenness of contemporary life. Born in Tokyo, he failed to qualify for military service during World War II and worked in an aircraft factory ins...» (show all)
The life of Yukio Mishima
link to: http://dennismichaeliannuzz.tripod.com/Biography.HTML
«Mishima's parents Azusa and Shizue Hiroaka lived on the second floor of Jotaro and Natsuko Hiroaka's house while Jotaro and Natsuko Hiroaka lived on the first floor. Twenty-nine days after he was born, Mishima was taken from his mother by his grandmother and raised by her on the first floor of the f...» (show all)
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
link to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mishima:_A_Life_in_Four_Chapters
Mishima Gallery: The world of beauty and eroticism
link to: http://first.freespace.jp/nabeshima/
«On the morning of November 25, 1970, Japanese novelist Yukio Mishima left the just-completed manuscript of his last novel, The Decay of the Angel, on his desk for his publisher to pick up, and then he paid a visit to the Headquarters of the Eastern Army at Ichigaya, which was a base for the Jieitai,...» (show all)
Mishima Yukio Literary museum(Mishima Yukio Bungaku-kan)
link to: http://www.mishimayukio.jp/english/en_guide.html
Yukio Mishima Biography at Who2 site
link to: http://www.who2.com/yukiomishima.html
«Yukio Mishima is one of the most widely-read Japanese authors of the 20th century, due in part to his dramatic suicide in 1970. Born in Tokyo, Mishima studied law and was a civil servant before turning to writing exclusively. Over his career he was incredibly prolific, a writer of novels, short stor...» (show all)

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