Miao, Nora
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Nora Miao

[ Miao, Nora ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 苗可秀
Family name: Miao
Also known as: Nora Miao Ke Hsiu, Nora Mao Ho Sau, Mi
Country: Hong Kong
Birth date: Friday, February 8, [64 years old]
Birth place: China
Nora Miao (MIAO Nora / 苗可秀) is a Hong Kong actress, born on Friday, February 8, 1952, in China.
  • In 1981, she formed a new film company with her brother, Ricky Chan.
  • Starred in all three of Bruce Lee's completed Hong Kong films.
  • Started her acting career in 1968, where she appeared in Hong Kong TV dramas.
  • Was one of the first women to have a multi-film contract with Golden Harvest.
  • Retired in the early eighties and resides on Hong Kong island.
As an actress:
  • 2010 Dong fung po
  • 2008 Yat kor ho ba ba
  • 1996 Wan choi ng fuk sing
  • 1981 Er deng bing
  • 1980 Feng liu can jian xue wu hen
  • 1979 Hu hwa ling
  • 1979 Shou kou
  • 1979 Meng zhong jian
  • 1979 Long quan
  • 1978 She hao ba bu
  • 1978 Guo jiang long du chuang hu xue
  • 1978 Ying xiong dui ying xiong
  • 1977 Jue bu di tou
  • 1977 Chu Liu Xiang
  • 1977 Tie quan xiao zi
  • 1977 Feng yun ren wu
  • 1976 Xin jing wu men
  • 1976 Lung men bei chi
  • 1975 Xing mu shuang xing Xiang Gang tao jin ji
  • 1975 Cai yun pian pian
  • 1975 Guo shi lu
  • 1974 Chuo tou zhuang yuan
  • 1974 Huang Fei-hong xiao lin quan
  • 1973 Hei ye guai ke
  • 1972 Meng long guo jiang as Chen Ching Hua
  • 1972 Jing wu men
  • 1972 Jin xuan feng
  • 1972 Xin Lan di gu shi
  • 1971 Tang shan da xiong
  • 1971 Gui liu xing
  • 1971 Dao bu liu ren
  • 1971 Tian long ba jiang
  • 1977 Bruce Lee, the Legend
  • 1977 Bruce Lee, the Legend
  • 2000 Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey
  • 1978 Game of Death
  • 1977 Bruce Lee, the Legend
  • 2000 Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey
  • 1978 Game of Death


External links

Nora Miao Facts
link to: http://www.cityonfire.com/features/miao/nora5.html
  • Nora's real name is Miao Ker-Hsiu (aka Chan Wing Han).
  • Nora started her acting career in 1968, where she appered in HK TV dramas.
  • Nora was in all three of Bruce Lee's finished Hong Kong films.
  • Nora was one of the first women to have a multi-film contrac...» (show all)
Nora Miao photos
link to: http://www.cityonfire.com/features/miao/nora6.html
Nora Miao fan page at MySpace
link to: http://www.myspace.com/noramiao
«Nora Miao (aka Miao Ker-Hsiu and Chan Wing Han) is a beautiful Hong Kong actress who started her show business career in the late 1960's. For most of the 1970's, her time was spent making movies in Hong Kong and Taiwan, where she starred in a number of Chinese films, ranging from comedy and romance ...» (show all)
Nora Miao's Biography page
link to: http://www.simonyam.com/hkmw/actors/noramiao/
«During the 1970's Nora Miao was one of the decade's leading actresses. Appearing in many of director Lo Wei's martial arts productions for Golden Harvest and his own movie company, Nora acted opposite Bruce Lee in The ...» (show all)

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