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Kang-Sheng Lee

[ Lee, Kang-Sheng ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 李康生
Family name: Lee
Country: Taiwan
Birth date: [49 years old]
Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan

Lee Kang-Sheng was born in Taipei in 1968. In 1991, he was discovered in the streets of Taipei by Tsai Ming-Liang to act in his TV drama, The Kid. From then on, Lee has starred in every film that Tsai has made, bringing to life Tsai’s filmic visions and becoming an important figure in Tsai’s cinema. Although not trained as an actor, his unique presence, slight melancholy, detached and cool expressions with a sense of rebellion, and his off beat slow pacing with a slightly nervous temperament makes his performance one of a kind, thus becoming one of the most representative actors of Taiwanese cinema.

In 1994, his performance in Vive L’amour was awarded Best Actor Award at the Nantes International Film Festival in France and the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan. Many famous Asian directors praised his unique acting style. In 1996, he starred in Lin Cheng Sheng’s Sweet Degeneration. In 1998, he made his Hong Kong film debut with Ann Hui’s Ordinary Heroes.

In 2003, drawing upon his filmmaking experience as an actor, he made his directorial debut with the feature film, The Missing and won the prestigious New Currents Award at the Pusan International Film Festival and the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. In 2007, he wrote, directed and starred in his second feature film, Help Me Eros, which went on to compete for the prestigious Golden Lion Award in Venice.

  • Frequentely works with director Ming-liang Tsai.
As an actor:
  • 2009 Visage
  • 2007 Bang bang wo ai shen
  • 2006 Hei yan quan as Hsiao-Kang
  • 2005 Tian bian yi duo yun as Hsiao-Kang
  • 2003 Bu san as Hsiao-Kang
  • 2002 Tian qiao bu jian le as Hsiao-Kang
  • 2002 Zi you men shen
  • 2001 Ni na bian ji dian as Hsiao-kang
  • 2000 Qing tian wa wa
  • 1999 Qian yan wan yu
  • 1998 Dong as Hsiao-Kang
  • 1997 He liu
  • 1997 Fang lang
  • 1996 Chun hua meng lu
  • 1994 Ai qing wan sui as Hsiao-kang
  • 1993 Qing shao nian nuo zha as Hsiao-Kang
  • 1991 Xiao hai
  • 1989 All the Corners of the World
  • 2009 Taipei 24H
  • 2007 Bang bang wo ai shen
  • 2003 Bu jian
  • 2009 Taipei 24H
  • 2007 Bang bang wo ai shen
  • 2003 Bu jian
  • 2001 Fish, Underground
  • 2009 Fleurs dans le miroir, lune dans l'eau as St. John Baptist
  • 2002 Looking for Tsai
As a director:
  • 2009 Taipei 24H
  • 2007 Bang bang wo ai shen
  • 2003 Bu jian
  • 2009 Taipei 24H
  • 2007 Bang bang wo ai shen
  • 2003 Bu jian
  • 2001 Fish, Underground
  • 2009 Fleurs dans le miroir, lune dans l'eau
  • 2002 Looking for Tsai
  • 2009 Fleurs dans le miroir, lune dans l'eau
  • 2002 Looking for Tsai


External links

The Missing: An Interview with Lee Kang-sheng, by Volker Hummel
link to: http://archive.sensesofcinema.com/contents/04/32/lee_kang_sheng.html
«Born in 1968, Lee Kang-sheng grew up in a poor family living off his father's indigent civil war veteran benefits. He and his brother went to a private prep school. While his brother later became a student of film, Lee failed the entrance exam at the university and worked odd jobs as a waiter, an in...» (show all)
From Rebels of a Neon God to Visage: Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng, by Lu Lu
link to: http://asiapacificarts.usc.edu/w_apa/showarticle.aspx?articleID=10228&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
«APA: [Which role do you prefer, being an actor or director?] I think I prefer being a director. Although I am under a lot of pressure in terms of funding and box office, my vision is much wider. Before, I only focused on acting. Now I get to be involved with everything, such as technology, lighti...» (show all)
Public blog
link to: http://blog.yam.com/lks
link to: http://twitchfilm.net/interviews/2008/02/iffr-2008-interview-with-help-me-eros-director-lee-kang-sheng.php
«AV: When you say it's partly based on your own experiences, ... well, how embarrassing can I make the next question? Ehm... (nervous laughter) Lee Kang-Sheng: As for being based on my own experiences, it is as follows: The situation in Taiwanese film business is currently quite bad, as an actor...» (show all)
The Unprofessional: An Interview with Lee Kang-sheng, by APA Staff
link to: http://www.asiaarts.ucla.edu/article.asp?parentid=27006
«According to legend, Lee Kang-sheng was discovered by then-TV director Tsai Ming-liang while playing in a Taipei arcade. 14 years later, Lee wrote and directed his first film, The Missing, which won major prizes at the Pusan and Rotterdam Film Festivals. Lee’s journey from menial work to director’s ...» (show all)
Lee Kang-sheng: "I Felt Totally Free About Exposing My Body"
link to: https://www.greencine.com/central/lekangsheng
«There are some elements that are true to my life. Being an actor in Taiwan, there's not that much work and - because the industry doesn't really create enough films for them to subsist financially - I did play the stock market. Even as I was shooting this film, I was playing the stock market and - w...» (show all)

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