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Carina Lau

[ Lau, Carina ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 劉嘉玲
Family name: Lau
Country: China
Birth date: Tuesday, December 8, [52 years old]
Birth place: Suzhou, China
Carina Lau (LAU Carina / 劉嘉玲) is a Chinese actress, born on Tuesday, December 8, 1964, in Suzhou, China.
  • Long-time boyfriend is Tony Leung Chiu Wai (10+ yrs.)
  • Spoke Model for Longines watch since 2003.
  • Spoke Model for Wanko, a fashion brand in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Best Actress Nominations: I am Sorry (a.k.a. Her life's Lies, 1988), Days of Being Wild (1990), Whorle and Giglo (1991), Intimates (1997), Infernal Affairs 2 (2002).
  • Taiwan's Golden Horse Best Actress Nomination: Days of Being Wild(1990), Curiousity Kills the Cat (2006).
  • Awards: Best Actress Winner at the Nantes (France) international film festival for Days of Being Wild (1991). Best Actress Winner at the Hong Kong's Golden Bauhinea Award for her role in Intimates (a.k.a. Self-Combed 1997). Winner of Millenium Actress Award for her role in the theatrical play Red Boat (performed throughout 2000).
  • Voted by people's choice as the Best Actress of the year for her performance in Curiosity Kills the Cat and the award was hosted by Sina.Com. She accepted the award with much gratitude to the audiences and the director and fellow actor who recommended her to take the role.
  • Worked on Wong Kar Wai's 2046 for 5 years and had no idea what the film was about, she also admitted that WKW had been one of the best directors in her career and during the making of Days of Being Wild, he bought out the best actress in her.
  • The first actress to become CEO of Hong Kong's first shopping channel TV Mart.
  • She insisted on buying and getting her own wardrobe custom designed by long time friend costume/production designer William Cheung Suk Pink for her first Mandarin China produced TV series called The River Flows Eastward. It was reported that she had gathered over one hundred outfits for the show. She also hired him to do design interior for her home.
  • She was kidnapped and tortured by gangsters in the early 1990s before filming Days of Being Wild. Pictures of her semi-naked in a state of distress from that incident was published on the cover of a Hong Kong magazine more than 10 years later which shocked the entire Hong Kong movie industry. She bravely came out to give her speech to confront the cruel treatment on a much publicized conference, and received much support from her peers and public. That magazine publication was immediately shut down.
  • She was one of the handful actresses to be earning $1M salary per picture in Hong Kong back in the early 1990's when she used to work on at least 6 movies a year, and in recent years she works on merely one movie a year.
  • Took dancing lessons and had dental work as her preparation for her participation in Wong Kar Wai's Days Of Being Wild. She was named one of the ten sexiest foreign actors by a Japanese magazine for this film.
  • Released 3 Mandarin albums between 1994-1996 in Taiwan. She has played a singer in films numerous times.
  • Named one of the top 20 box office stars of Hong Kong in the past 20 years.
  • Often worked with boyfriend Tony Leung Chiu Wai since the '80s, but rarely played a couple. Often worked with Tony Leung Kar Fai in the '90s, and played a couple most of the time.
  • She has starred in two Hong Kong romantic comedies that were remakes or spin-offs of American film and TV series include Whore and Giglo (very similar to Pretty Woman), and Sex and the Beauties (Hong Kong movie version of Sex and the City, and she plays Sarah Jessica Parker's role).
  • She's often called just "Ka Ling" or "Ka Ling Sister", the sister added at the end of the name is a symbol of diva in Hong Kong. She gets upset when her fans or the press calls her Mrs. Leung, referring her as the wife of Tony Leung even though they denied being married. It was rumored that they are secretly married some years ago.
  • Took the lead role in Ji Sor (Intimates), one of her most acclaimed films after Anita Mui pulled out to take a supporting role in 18 Springs.
  • Faye Wong, HK's pop star is one of her best friends and they both played androids and broken hearted women in Wong Kar Wai's 2046.
  • Her role in Infernal Affairs 2 a supporting role consist of less than 20 minutes of screen time, but she was so powerful and a total scene stealer that she got multiple best actress nominations in HK and China.
  • Worked with the late Leslie Cheung in Days in Being Wild, Ashes of Time, The Eagle Shooting Heroes, He's the Woman, She's the Man,and Who's the Man, Who's the Woman (cameo).
  • As of 2007, she owns 4 homes in Hong Kong and China with real estate value worth over $100M. She names her mansion style home in Shouzhou "Ka-Ling Mansion" after her Chinese name.
  • She had to bleach her eyebrows to do a special period makeup for her role in Detective Dee, and she also had to wear very heavy and elaborate costumes and wigs and accessories. Her costar Andy Lau said he admired her a great deal that she can endured the hot temperatures that was at least 40C while wearing so many layers of costumes.
  • The role Wu Zi Tien (the first and only female emperor of China) she played in "Detective Dee and Mytery of the Phantom Flame" was originally offered to Brigett Lin, but Lin turned it down and Carina got cast because the director and producer thought she was the second most suitable actress to play the role.
As an actress:
  • 2011 Ji keung hei si 2011
  • 2010 Let the Bullets Fly
  • 2010 Di Renjie as Empress Wu Zetian
  • 2010 Yongxin tiao
  • 2006 Hao qi hai si mao
  • 2004 2046 as Lulu
  • 2004 Chat nin han yeung
  • 2004 Sing gam do see
  • 2003 Mou gaan dou III: Jung gik mou gaan as Mary Hon
  • 2003 Mou gaan dou II as Mary Hon
  • 2002 Chuet sai hiu B
  • 2001 Chuet sai hiu bra
  • 2001 Ching lui cha goon
  • 1999 Ji sor
  • 1998 San luen oi sai gei
  • 1998 Hai shang hua as Pearl
  • 1997 Tai Zi chuan shuo
  • 1997 Gum gee yuk yip 2
  • 1996 Daai laap mat taam 008 as Kar-Ling
  • 1995 Dao
  • 1994 Dung che sai duk
  • 1994 Gam chi yuk sip as Rose
  • 1994 Liu zhi qin mo
  • 1994 Xin nan xiong nan di
  • 1994 Xin buliao qing
  • 1994 Ji ya lian
  • 1993 Yi tian tu long ji: Zhi mo jiao jiao zhu
  • 1993 Tian tai de yue guang
  • 1993 Qian wang qing ren
  • 1993 Heung Gong wun fung kwong
  • 1993 Shang Hai huang di zhi: Xiong ba tian xia
  • 1993 Se diu ying hung ji dung sing sai jau
  • 1993 Shang Hai huang di zhi: Sui yue feng yun
  • 1993 Mei gui mei gui wo ai ni
  • 1993 Nu er dang zi qiang
  • 1993 Shen tan gan shi lu
  • 1992 Yuen Ling-yuk
  • 1992 Wo ai chou wen chai
  • 1992 Che shen
  • 1992 Ying chao nu lang 1988 zhi er: Xian dai ying zhao nu lang
  • 1991 Gau yat: San diu hap lui
  • 1991 Haomen yeyan
  • 1991 Shanghai jiaqi
  • 1990 A Fei jingjyuhn as Leung Fung-ying
  • 1990 Huang jia nu jiang
  • 1990 Gu huo da lu shi
  • 1990 Long feng zei zhuo zei
  • 1989 Hong Kong wun hei see
  • 1989 Gwang tin lung fu wui
  • 1989 Shou huang de nu ren
  • 1989 Fu xing chuang jiang hu
  • 1989 Yee but yung ching
  • 1989 Fu xing lin men
  • 1989 Sei tsingam
  • 1988 Sha chu Xiang Gang
  • 1988 San ren shi jie
  • 1988 Qun ying luan wu
  • 1988 Jing zhuong zhui nu zi zhi er
  • 1988 San jaat si hing - 88
  • 1988 Si qian jin
  • 1987 'A' gai wak juk jap
  • 1987 Gong woo ching
  • 1987 Xiao sheng meng jing hun
  • 1987 Ying hung ho hon
  • 1987 Long xiong hu di
  • 1986 Nui ji za pai jun
  • 1986 Lau man dai hung
  • 1986 Yang ka cheung
  • 1985 Dai heung kong
  • 1985 San jaat si hing - juk jaap
  • 1984 San jaat si hing
  • 1984 Luk ding gei


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