Kimura, Takuya
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Takuya Kimura

[ Kimura, Takuya ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 木村拓哉 (きむら たくや)
Family name: Kimura
Country: Japan
Birth date: Monday, November 13, [44 years old]
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
Takuya Kimura (KIMURA Takuya / 木村拓哉 / きむら たくや) is a Japanese actor, born on Monday, November 13, 1972, in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Profession: Actor and singer
  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Blood type: O
  • Family: Wife/actress Kudo Shizuka, daughters (Kimura Kokomi & Kimura Mitsuki)
  • Jpop group: SMAP (
  • Self taught guitar player.
  • In the second year in junior high school, his landscape painting was selected for exhibiton by Tokyo Shinagawa Community Youth Painting Exhibition.
  • Became himself a qualified hairdesser after Beautiful Life.
  • At school he was a member of the kendo team, gymnastics club and basketball club.
  • Likes animaux, has a black lablador Bonita since 1996 and a 2-years-old eyes-seeing dog Elca since 2005.
  • His younger brother is a rugby player and was once enrolled in the national team.
  • Currently, holds the top three spots for most watched Japanese TV drama of all time, with "Hero", "Beautiful Life" and "Good Luck!" ranked respectively. Each of these three dramas scored a viewership rating of over 30% for its pilot. In addition, he also made Japanese TV drama history, when all 11 episodes of "Hero" received over 30% of viewership.
  • In November 1999, he became the first Asian star to become a spokesperson for Levis Jeans Company
  • Became the first male star to advertise lipsticks for the Kanebo Testimo II range, in February 1996. The brand's sales figures nearly tripled within a single month, since the launch of the campaign.
  • Has 2 daughters with ex-singing sensation, Kudo Shizuka, named Kokomi and Mitsuki Kimura.
  • Joined Johnny's Office in November 1987 as a Johnny Junior. Consequently chosen to become a member of new group SMAP in April 1988.
  • One of the most charismatic members of the pop group Smap, he retains favorite status among teen girls and young women even though he is married. (The youth culture in Japan is such that unattached idols are believed to 'belong' to everyone; once the person is married, or 'taken,' their popularity frequently dwindles.)
As an actor:
  • 2011 Nankyoku tairiku: Kami no ryouiki ni idonda otoko to inu no monogatari
  • 2010 Tsuki no koibito
  • 2010 Space Battleship Yamato as Susumu Kodai
  • 2009 Mr. Brain
  • 2009 Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari kôen mae hashutsujo
  • 2009 Redline
  • 2008 Change
  • 2008 I Come with the Rain
  • 2007 Hero as Ko'hei Kuryu
  • 2007 Karei naru ichizoku
  • 2006 Bushi no ichibun
  • 2006 Saiyûki
  • 2005 Trinity Blood
  • 2005 Enjin
  • 2004 Tora to lion to gonin no otoko
  • 2004 Hauru no ugoku shiro as Hauru
  • 2004 2046 as Tak
  • 2004 Puraido
  • 2003 Good Luck!!
  • 2002 Sora kara furu ichioku no hoshi
  • 2001 Chûshingura 1/47 as Yasube Horibe
  • 2001 Hero
  • 2000 Densetsu no kyôshi
  • 2000 Beautiful Life
  • 1998 Oda Nobunaga as Oda Nobunaga
  • 1998 Nemureru mori
  • 1997 Ii hito
  • 1997 Rabu jenerêshon
  • 1997 Boku ga boku de aru tameni
  • 1996 Long Vacation
  • 1996 Furuhata Ninzaburô
  • 1995 Jinsei wa jôjô da
  • 1995 Kimi wo wasurenai
  • 1994 Wakamono no subete
  • 1994 Shoot
  • 1993 Asunaro hakusho
  • 2010 Dai 61 kai NHK kôhaku uta gassen
  • 2010 Tetsuko no heya
  • 2010 Smap×Smap
  • 2010 SmaSTATION
  • 2009 A-Studio
  • 2006 Ichibun: Takuya Kimura
  • 1999 Furuhata Ninzaburo vs. Smap
  • 2010 Dai 61 kai NHK kôhaku uta gassen
  • 2010 Tetsuko no heya
  • 2010 Smap×Smap
  • 2010 SmaSTATION
  • 2009 A-Studio
  • 2006 Ichibun: Takuya Kimura
  • 1999 Furuhata Ninzaburo vs. Smap


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«The hysteria surrounding Takuya might be dangerous, especially gave his talent for "bad-boy" roles. His use of a butterfly knife in "Gift" (1997) prompted a spate of copycat attacks and victims by disaffected teenagers....»

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