Kim, Hae-Gon
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久石 譲

Hae-Gon Kim

[ Kim, Hae-Gon ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 김해곤 [?ㄱㅣㅁ ㅎㅐ ㄱㅗㄴ]
Romanization: Kim Haegon [McCune–Reischauer]    Gim Hae-gon [Revised]
Family name: Kim
Country: South Korea
Alternative name: Kim Hae-gon
The Unbearable Lightness of Dating is the debut film of KIM Hae-gon, who's famous as a screenwriter of also performed in as an actor to start his career in the movie industry. His directorial debut film was awarded a best screenplay by Korean Film Council in 1998. KIM already showed his ability thru telling love and life with his delicate view and unique expression, will show us his new vision and more delicate observation of love and marriage thru his new movie.

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As an actor:
  • 2010 Mujeogja
  • 2007 Sarangbang seonsoowa eomeoni
  • 2006 Jumong
  • 2005 Dalkomhan insaeng
  • 2004 Nuguna bimileun itda
  • 2003 Blue
  • 2001 Raybang
  • 1997 Gipeun seulpeum
As a director:
  • 2008 Sookmyeong
  • 2006 Yeonae, geu chameulsu-eomneun gabyeoum
As a producer:
  • 2008 Sookmyeong


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