Kaneshiro, Takeshi
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Takeshi Kaneshiro

[ Kaneshiro, Takeshi ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 金城武 (かねしろ たけし)
Family name: Kaneshiro
Also known as: Aniki, Jin Cheng Wu (Gum Sing Mo)
Country: Hong Kong
Birth date: Thursday, October 11, [43 years old]
Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan
Agency: Fulong

With a mother from Taiwan and a father from Okinawa, Kaneshiro was born and raised in Taipei, and is a Japanese citizen (nationality).

He has two elder brothers who are 7 years and 1 year his senior. After graduating from Taipei Japanese Junior High School, he enrolled at English-based Taipei American School, which enabled him to converse in English, making him effectively multi-lingual considering his fluency in Chinese (Mandarin & Taiwanese) and Japanese. As a result of his varied background, Kaneshiro can speak with varying degrees of fluency in English, Cantonese, and Japanese. It was while he was studying there that he began doing TV commercials, and he decided to quit school in order to pursue a singing and acting career.

Kaneshiro started his career in the early 1990s, appearing in a series of Taiwanese comedies and releasing several albums (six between 1992 and 1993). He rose to stardom in 1994 and 1995 playing leading roles in Wong Kar-wai’s international hits: “Chungking Express” and “Fallen Angels”. He subsequently starred in several Hong Kong box-office hits including “Downtown Torpedoes”, “Anna Magdalena” and “Lavender”. In 1998, the popularity of “Sleepless Town” and the TV drama “God! Please Give Me More Time” established Kaneshiro as one of the most sought-after actors in Japan. Takeshi Kaneshiro speaks Japanese fluently – and has appeared in other Japanese films (like Space Travelers), television series and TV commercials. In 2002, Kaneshiro plays the lead in the Japanese sci-fi actioner “Returner”. In 2003, after the ’99 hit “Tempting Heart”, Kaneshiro is reunited with Gigi Leung in “Turn Left Turn Right”. The following year, Kaneshiro made a genre-debut in Zhang Yimou’s epic swordsplay blockbuster “House of Flying Daggers”. Kaneshiro joined forces with director Peter Chan in the musical blockbuster “Perhaps Love” which garnered many awards throughout Asia. In 2006, Kaneshiro starred opposite Tony Leung in the thriller “Confession of Pain”.

  • Spokesmodel of Ericsson handsets.
  • Spokesmodel of Onimusha: Warlords (video game). The character Samanosuke is modeled after him.
  • Spokesmodel of PRADA.
  • Is 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Japanese. Father is Japanese, mother is Chinese (of Taiwanese nationality).
  • Capable of speaking Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, English, Taiwanese.
  • Attended Taipei American School during grades 10-12, but did not graduate.
  • Spokesmodel for Mitsubishi Galant model (car).
  • Resides in Tokyo
  • Has 2 brothers
  • Considered by Time Magazine to be the "Asian film industry's Johnny Depp."
  • Enrolled in a film class at New York University but never completed it.
  • Chinese name is Jincheng Wu. His surname means Gold City in both Chinese and Japanese.
  • Is Chinese of Japanese descent.
  • Nominated the 8th Changchun Film Festival Best Actor for his performance in "Perhaps Love".
  • His Japanese family name Kaneshiro is read as Jincheng in Mandarin (Chin-cheng in Taiwan, Gam-sing in Cantonese). His Japanese first name Takeshi is read as Wu in Mandarin (Mo in Cantonese).
  • He is referred to as Jincheng Wu in Mandarin, Chin-cheng Wu in Taiwan and Gam-sing Mo in Cantonese.
As an actor:
  • 2011 Wu xia
  • 2009 Chi bi xia: Jue zhan tian xia as Zhuge Liang
  • 2008 K-20: Kaijin nijû mensô den
  • 2008 Chi bi as Zhuge Liang
  • 2008 Suwîto rein: Shinigami no seido
  • 2007 Tau ming chong as Zhang Wen-Xiang
  • 2006 Seung sing
  • 2005 Ru guo · Ai as Lin Jian-dong
  • 2004 Shi mian mai fu as Jin
  • 2004 Onimusha 3 as Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi
  • 2003 Heung joh chow heung yau chow
  • 2002 Ritana
  • 2002 Gôruden bouru
  • 2001 Onimusha as Samanosuke Akechi
  • 2001 Fan yi cho
  • 2000 Supêsutoraberâzu
  • 2000 2000-nen no koi
  • 1999 Sam dung
  • 1998 Fuyajo
  • 1998 Ngon na ma dak lin na
  • 1998 Choh chin luen hau dik yi yan sai gaai
  • 1998 Liang ge zhi neng huo yi ge
  • 1998 Too Tired to Die
  • 1998 Kamisama mousukoshi dake
  • 1997 San tau dip ying
  • 1997 Ma Wing Jing
  • 1997 Huo shao dao zhi heng hang Ba dao
  • 1996 Misty
  • 1996 Tin aai hoi gok
  • 1996 Mo him wong
  • 1996 Sei goh bat ping faan dik siu nin
  • 1996 Zhong qing ai qing gan jue
  • 1995 Seiya no kiseki
  • 1995 Duo luo tian shi as He Zhiwu
  • 1995 Xue xiao ba wang
  • 1995 Mou mian bei
  • 1995 Xin za shi xiong zhu nu zi
  • 1995 La bi xiao xiao sheng
  • 1995 Zhong Guo long
  • 1994 Bao gao ban zhang 3
  • 1994 Chung Hing sam lam as He Zhiwu, Cop 223
  • 1994 Chen mo de gu niang
  • 1994 Ren yu chuan shuo
  • 1993 Xian dai hao xia zhuan
  • 1988 Tian xia
  • 2001 Onimusha
  • 2008 Bokura no jidai
  • 2002 Smap×Smap
  • 2005 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies
(misc crew):
  • 2001 Onimusha
  • 2008 Bokura no jidai
  • 2002 Smap×Smap
  • 2005 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies
  • 2008 Bokura no jidai
  • 2002 Smap×Smap
  • 2005 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies


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