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Hou Hsiao

[ Hsiao, Hou ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 候耀宗 (小侯)
Family name: Hsiao
Also known as: Hsiao Ho | Hsiao Hou | Siu Hau
Country: China
Birth date: [59 years old]
Birth place: Henan, China
Profession: Action Director, Assistant Action Director, Actor, Stuntman

Originally named Hou Yiu-chung, Hsiao Hou was born in the Meixian Kwangtung Province, China.

He was couched by Fan Kuk-fa in Beijing Opera since his early childhood. He was also starred in several films as young talent and became a martial arts stunt man at seventeen.

Director Lau Kar Leung spotted Hou's talent and let him to be his disciple and joined Shaw Brothers as a contracted actor. He starred mostly in Liu's movies, such as Cat Vs. Rat, Dirty Ho and Disciples Of The 36th Chamber.

Source : Celestial Pictures

Credited as Hau Yiu Chung / Hou Yao Zong for martial art direction on Eastern Condors.

  • When asked about a rumor that he was the "best" action star (acrobat?) to graduate from one of the five main Chinese opera schools, he said that honor belongs to Yuen Bao, he doesn't consider himself as the best out of these groups.
  • Funniest incident on a film was smashing his face against the "ass" of one of his co-stars in an acrobatic stunt on the set of Mad Monkey Kung Fu.
  • When asked about his favorite movies, he said he isn't a fan of action, he prefers "love stories" and "comedies".
  • In a 2004 interview, said he doesn't watch any of his old movies, except for Mad Monkey Kung Fu.
  • Was trained for the Chinese Opera in the USA in the 1960s under Fan Kuk-Fa. Hou said he had many trainers.
As an actor:
  • 2000 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
  • 1993 Siu nin Wong Fei Hung ji: Tit Ma Lau as Disfigured Swordsman
  • 1986 Foo gwai lit che
  • 1985 Long de xin
  • 1985 Pi li shi jie as Fong Sai-Yuk
  • 1984 Wu Lang ba gua gun
  • 1983 Chang men jen
  • 1982 Yu mao san xi jin mao shu
  • 1982 Gui hua fu
  • 1982 Feng hou
  • 1982 Shi ba ban wu yi
  • 1981 Wu guan
  • 1981 Tang lang
  • 1981 Cheung booi as Charlie Yu Tao
  • 1980 Shao Lin da peng da shi
  • 1980 Hong Wending san po bai lian jiao
  • 1979 Mao shan jiang shi quan
  • 1978 Zhong hua zhang fu
  • 1978 Shao Lin san shi liu fang
  • 1978 Lao hu tian ji
  • 1977 Hong Xi Guan
  • 1977 Gong fu xiao zi
  • 1976 Lan tou He
  • 1969 Tian cai gong fu
(misc crew):
  • 1985 Pi li shi jie


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