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Eileen Chang

[ Chang, Eileen ]
Profile and general info
Name in native language: 张爱玲
Family name: Chang
Also known as: Zhang Ying
Country: China
Birth date: Thursday, September 30,
Birth place: Shanghai, China
Death date: Friday, September 8, [21 years ago at the age of 74]
Eileen Chang (CHANG Eileen / 张爱玲) is a Chinese writer, born on Thursday, September 30, 1920, in Shanghai, China.
  • Her roots were from Shanghai, China. She spent a few years of her childhood in Tianjin. Her family then moved back to Shanghai and she considered herself a genuine Shanghainese.
  • Parents divorced when she was ten years old.
  • Her paternal grandmother was the daughter of the 19th-century statesman Li Hongzhang - a high-ranking official in China's last dynasty, the Qing.


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Collected drawings of EILEEN CHANG
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«Picture this: you are one of Eileen Chang's countless ardent readers. After years of living harmoniously with the characters from her brilliant stories in the privacy of your mind, suddenly you are confronted with the real things. Well, almost. Her illustrations, which accompanied many of the fictio...» (show all)
Eileen Chang's Life: A Story Worth Telling
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«Chang's mother, Huang Yifan, was a fashionable woman—in both appearance and spirit. Huang had received the new-style education during her childhood. So, Huang was out of sync with her dissolute-natured, opium-using husband. They quarreled often. When Chang was four, Huang went to France with her sis...» (show all)

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