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Bradley James Allan

[ Allan, Bradley James ]
Profile and general info
Family name: Allan
Also known as: Brad Allan, Bai-Hu (White Tiger)
Country: Australia
Birth date: Wednesday, February 14, [43 years old]
Birth place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Bradley James Allan (ALLAN Bradley James) is a Australia actor, born on Wednesday, February 14, 1973, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • First ever non-Asian member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team.
  • Studied Wushu under Liang Chang-xing and Tang Lai-wei, who were both members of the Beijing Wushu Team, the same team actor Jet Li was in.
  • Shorter than Jackie Chan.
As an actor:
  • 2002 Mutant X
  • 2001 Te wu mi cheng
  • 2000 Saturday Night Live
  • 1999 Dak ging san yan lui
  • 1999 Boh lee chun
  • 1998 Wo shi shei
  • 1997 Yat goh hiu yan
  • 1994 Jui kuen III
  • 2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • 1998 Rush Hour
  • 2008 Hellboy: In Service of the Demon
  • 1999 Jackie Chan: My Stunts
  • 2008 Hellboy: In Service of the Demon
  • 1999 Jackie Chan: My Stunts


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