White Night
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White Night

General info
Original title: Baekyahaeng (백야행 - 하얀 어둠 속을 걷다)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.3 140 votes
Plot: A pawnbroker is murdered shortly after his release from prison. Detective Jo Min-woo discovers that it is related to a homicide case that occurred 14 years earlier, where a woman had been suspected of murdering her married lover, a pawnbroker. Talking to the pawnbroker's widow and her adult son Yo-han gives no clue. Then Jo Min-woo requests assistance from lead inspector Han Dong-su, who was investigating this case 14 years ago. Detecive Han Dong-su remembers every fact as this unsolved case ruined his career and still eats his soul. And now, under the new circumstances, Han Dong-su uncovers bit by bit the truth on Yo-han's mystery.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Running time: 127

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White Night (Baekyahaeng) trailer

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Featured reviews for

White Night
beyondhollywood.com, by JAMES MUDGE source: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/white-night-2009-movie-review/
«All of this combines to make “White Night” one of the best Korean films of the last year, and certainly one of the few mystery thrillers not to patronise its audience with easy answers or comfortable resolutions. Directed and composed with a real sense of craftsmanship, the film grips from the first frame, and though it doesn’t exactly make for cheerful viewing, it entertains and satisfies all the way to its admirably dark conclusion.»
HanCinema, by Lee Hyo-won source: http://www.hancinema.net/love-lurks-in-shadows-in-white-night--21303.html
«The movie overall achieves strong visual storytelling through the juxtaposition of light and shade and the beautiful and the grotesque, as well as meticulously designed atmospheric spaces. ... "White Night"' doesn't offer anything groundbreaking, but gets everything right, making for a fine addition to the local stock of mystery romances.»

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Park, Shin-WooPARK Shin-Woo
Higashino, KeigoHIGASHINO Keigo
PARK Yeon-Seon
Cinema ServiceCinema Service


Han, Suk-KyuHAN Suk-Kyu
as Han, Dong-soo
Son, Ye-JinSON Ye-Jin
as Yu Mi-ho
Go, SooGO Soo
as Kim Yo-han
Lee, Min-JungLEE Min-Jung
as Shi-yeong
Park, Seong-WoongPARK Seong-Woong
as Seung-jo
Cha, Hwa-yeonCHA Hwa-yeon
as Seo Hae-yeong, Yo-han's mother
Bang, Joong-hyeonBANG Joong-hyeon
as detective Jo Min-woo
Lim, Ji-GyuLIM Ji-Gyu
as Yak-tong
Yoon, Da-kyeongYOON Da-kyeong
as Park Mi-yeon
Jeong, In-GiJEONG In-Gi
as Kang Jae-doo
Ju, Da-YeongJU Da-Yeong
as Ji-ah
Won, Deok-hyeonWON Deok-hyeon
as Young Yo-han
Han, Ye-WonHAN Ye-Won
as Na-hyeon
Jo, Kyeong-SookJO Kyeong-Sook
as Mi-sook Yang
HAN Cheol-Woo
HAN Kook-Jin
IM Eun-Ji
LEE Jong-Won
as Seung-jo
SON So-Yeong

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