When the Last Sword Is Drawn
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When the Last Sword Is Drawn

General info
Original title: Mibu Gishi Den (壬生義士伝)
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.5 2149 votes
Plot: Kanichiro Yoshimura is a Samurai and Family man who can no longer support his wife and children on the the low pay he receives from his small town clan, he is forced by the love for his family to leave for the city in search of higher pay to support them. In his search he joins a notorious clan, known as the Shinsengumi where he does as much as possible to get money. Looked at as a money grubber,Yoshimura proves his strength physically and mentally by being loyal to his honor. During the dramatic period, with the rise of the Emperor and the fall of the Shogun. Yoshimura shows us the struggle of life in a personal way, by changing the lives of the people he meets and the way life is looked at.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

When the Last Sword Is Drawn (Mibu Gishi Den) trailer

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When the Last Sword Is Drawn

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Takita, YojiroTAKITA Yojiro
Hisaishi, JoeHISAISHI Joe
Shochiku Co. Ltd.


Nakai, KiichiNAKAI Kiichi
as Kanichiro Yoshimura
Sato, KoichiSATO Koichi
as Hajime Saito
Natsukawa, YuiNATSUKAWA Yui
as Shizu/Mitsu
MURATA Takehiro
as Chiaki Ono
Nakatani, MikiNAKATANI Miki
as Nui
as Jiroemon Ohno
/as Jiroemon Ohno
HIRUMA Yoshinori
as Shinpachi Nagakura
Horibe, KeisukeHORIBE Keisuke
as Yasunoshin Shinohara
Ito, AtsushiITO Atsushi
as Young Chiaki Ono
Ito, HideakiITO Hideaki
as Yoshinobu Tokugawa
Kase, RyoKASE Ryo
as Shuhei Kondo
as Young Mitsu Yoshimura
Nomura, EugeneNOMURA Eugene
as Toshizo Hijikata
Saitô, AyumuSAITÔ Ayumu
as Ito
Sakai, MasatoSAKAI Masato
as Soji Okita
Shiomi, SanseiSHIOMI Sansei
as Isamu Kondo
as Kaichiro Yoshimura
Tsukamoto, KôjiTSUKAMOTO Kôji
as Sonoyama
Watanabe, DaiWATANABE Dai
Yamada, TatsuoYAMADA Tatsuo
as Sasuke

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