Virgin Snow
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Virgin Snow

General info
Original title: Hatsuyuki No Koi: Virgin Snow (첫눈)
Country: Japan, South Korea
Year: 2007
Genre: Romance
IMDB Rating: 6.7 286 votes
Plot: One spring day, Min (lee jun ki) wonders the streets of Kyoto on his bicycle. The young South Korean man recently moved to Japan with his family and finds everything to be a new experience. During his bicycle ride through Kyoto, he sees a girl, named Nanae, walking along near a Temple. It’s love at first sight. Min learns that Nanae is an aspiring art student studying at the same school which he attends and now feels more compelled to try to win her heart. Though Nanae is indifferent to Min at first, she becomes more drawn to him despite the cultural and language barriers.

One summer day, the couple skips class and stops in front of a Ceramic art store. Min promises to make Nanae a peticular chinaware dish, while Nanae promises to paint the dish. They also promise to walk along a stone wall in Seoul during the first snowfall of the winter season. But one day Nanae disappears completely, leaving behind promises to paint and to meet on the the first snowfall of the winter season.

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Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color

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Virgin Snow (Hatsuyuki No Koi: Virgin Snow) trailer

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HAN Sang-Hee
BAN Kazuhiko
CHUNG Jai-Hwan
Dyne Films
Kadokawa Herald Pictures


Lee, Jun-GiLEE Jun-Gi
as Min Kim
Miyazaki, AoiMIYAZAKI Aoi
as Nanae Sasaki
Morita, AyakaMORITA Ayaka
Shioya, ShunSHIOYA Shun
Yagyu, MiyuYAGYU Miyu
Yo, KimikoYO Kimiko


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