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Unfair: The Movie

General info
Original title: Unfair: The Movie (アンフェア The Movie)
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
IMDB Rating: 4.9 85 votes
Plot: Fuji TV's hit police drama series Unfair comes to the big screen, with Shinohara Ryoko reprising her memorable role as a tough female cop. Based on a Hata Takehiko novel, both the film and the drama are carried brilliantly by force of its strong female protagonist, whose fearless, peerless, no-nonsense demeanor is both refreshing and liberating. This crime action flick about a lone woman in a man's world throws a mean punch without forgetting the human side of the story. Kobayashi Yoshinori, who directed the television series, also helms this silver-screen adaptation.

Hardboiled, hard-drinking, and hard-hitting female detective Yukihira Natsumi (Shinohara Ryoko) has the best record in the police force, but it has come at a cost. Her fiercely independent personality and penchant to not go by the books has alienated her from colleagues, while her dedication, or perhaps obsession, with work has already cost her a marriage and custody of her eight-year-old daughter. Natsumi has no time for apologies and misgivings though when there is crime to be fought. She is forced to reconsider everything she knows, however, when terrorists take over the hospital her daughter is being treated at. How far will she go to save her daughter?
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 112

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Unfair: The Movie (Unfair: The Movie) trailer

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HATA Takehiko
Sato, ShimakoSATO Shimako
Fuji TVFuji TV
Kansai Telecasting Corporation
Kyodo TV
Toho CompanyToho Company


Shinohara, RyokoSHINOHARA Ryoko
as Natsumi Yukihira
Shiina, KippeiSHIINA Kippei
as Kuniaki Goto
Narimiya, HirokiNARIMIYA Hiroki
as Toda
Abe, SadaoABE Sadao
as Yuji Kokubo
Hamada, MariHAMADA Mari
as Anna Hasumi
Kato, RosaKATO Rosa
as Hiroko
Mukaichi, MionMUKAICHI Mion
as Mio
Kato, MasayaKATO Masaya
as Kaoru Mikami
Osugi, RenOSUGI Ren
as Assistant Director Irie
Terajima, SusumuTERAJIMA Susumu
as Tetsuo Yamazaki
Eguchi, YosukeEGUCHI Yosuke
as Jin Saiki

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