True Legend
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True Legend

General info
Original title: Su Qi-Er (苏乞儿)
Country: China
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.3 1521 votes
Plot: After a successfull mission to rescue a crown Prince of Cin dynasty, general Su Can modestly defers the reward of a Lordship to his half brother Yuan in favor of continuing his martial arts studies and starting a family with Yuan's sister, Ying.

Over the next five years Yuan becomes consumed by power and money, perfecting his unstoppable '5 Venom Fists' style to take a revenge on Su Can for own father, who was killed by Su Can's father. Yuan is desperate in his desire to crash Su Can's family.

  • Su Can, mostly known as Beggar Su, is a legendary fighter, one of Ten Tigers of Canton and founder of a ‘Drunken Fist’ style.
  • Yuen Woo Ping, arguably still the world’s best action choreographer, returning to the director’s chair for the first time in 14 years.
Movie info
Language: Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 116

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True Legend (Su Qi-Er) trailer

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Featured reviews for

True Legend
(overall rating: 3.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)
LoveHKfilm, by Kevin Ma source:
«For the first two-thirds of True Legend, Yuen Woo-Ping blends old-school martial arts film techniques (It's the return of the Shaw Brothers-style zoom!) with modern production values, creating a film that's unexpectedly polished and yet retains traditional aesthetics. ... Then it reaches its derivative and patriotic third act. ... Yuen and To try so hard to elevate their film to epic status that their inability to do so seems worse in hindsight. »
Twitch, by James Marsh source:
«There are individual moments to enjoy throughout and visually the film displays a playfully kinetic style (when not tinkering with 3D) but it feels far more like a compilation of moments from a number of different films than a single narrative played out chronologically.», by Linus Tee - 3/5 source:
«"True Legend" action sequences while never ground-breaking once again established Yuen as the best wire-fu, martial-arts choreographer of all time. ... "True Legend" is certainly not much of a movie about the biopic of Su Can or even the philosophy behind the drunken fist, ultimately it’s just a handsomely produced production that only serves to entertain the masses.», by JAMES MUDGE source:
«Obviously, the film’s main draw is its martial arts, and it certainly does not disappoint, serving up pretty much non-stop action in one form or another. Yuen Woo Ping is on great form, and the film is kinetic, fast moving and fun, with some very imaginative choreography marking most of its set pieces. ... “True Legend” certainly is a cut above in general, and is definitely one of the better martial arts epics of the last few years.»

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Yuen, Woo-PingYUEN Woo-Ping
TO Chi-Long
Umebayashi, ShigeruUMEBAYASHI Shigeru
Focus Features
Shanghai Film Group


Chiu, Man CheukCHIU Man Cheuk
as Su Can / Su Qi-Er
Zhou, XunZHOU Xun
as Yuan Ying
Yeoh, MichelleYEOH Michelle
as Sister Yu
Feng, XiaogangFENG Xiaogang
as Pickpocket
On, AndyON Andy
as Yuan Lie
Jiang, LuxiaJIANG Luxia
as Iron Maiden
Liu, Chia HuiLIU Chia Hui
as Bearded Man
Leung, Ka-YanLEUNG Ka-Yan
as Su Wan-Kun
Hung, Liu KengHUNG Liu Keng
as Iron Lad
(as Genghong Liu)
Chou, JayCHOU Jay
as God of Wushu / Drunken God
Guo, XiaodongGUO Xiaodong
as Ma Qingfeng
Le, CungLE Cung
as Militia Leader
Heung, JackyHEUNG Jacky
as General
Carradine, DavidCARRADINE David
as Anton
as Molotov
Heidenreich, JonHEIDENREICH Jon
as Fighter (uncredited)
Terkay, Sylvester BearTERKAY Sylvester 'Bear'
as Fighter (uncredited)
Vandenberg, DominiquieVANDENBERG Dominiquie
as Fighter (uncredited)
Wiese, Matt HorshuWIESE Matt 'Horshu'
as Fighter (uncredited)

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