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November 11, ShoppingFestival

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General info
Original title: Teu-Reok (트럭)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2008
Genre: Thriller
IMDB Rating: 6 70 votes
Plot: Cheol-min makes a living by working in the shipping business. He has a daughter suffering from a heart condition, and in need of surgery. To save his daughter, he urgently needs the tremendous amount of 60,000,000 won. To make this money, he gets involved in dangerous illegal gambling and barely saves his life by promising he will take care of body disposal for the gang. On his way to Gangwon-do where he intends to dump the bodies, he encounters a police van that had been in an accident, and ends up giving the police officer a ride. Although this situation is tense, events take a turn for the worse.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color

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Truck (Teu-Reok) trailer

Tags: Truck, Teu-Reok, 2008, Korean movies, Thriller movies, asian movies

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LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Truck may not be innovative or even all that memorable, but it does take enough advantage of its one-line gimmick, and is a satisfying thrill ride for those who know what they're in for.»

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Kwon, Hyeong-JinKWON Hyeong-Jin
JANG Hyung-Mo


Yu, Hae-JinYU Hae-Jin
as Jeong Cheol-min, truck driver
Jin, KuJIN Ku
as Kim Yeong-ho
KIM Jun-Bae
as Boss
Jang, Jun-ByeongJANG Jun-Byeong
as Hippo
LEE Chae-Yeong
as Han Saet-byeol
JI Su-Won
as Oh Ga-won (cameo)
Kim, Jeong-HakKIM Jeong-Hak
as Surgeon (cameo)
LEE Won-Jae
as Mr. Kim (cameo)
Park, Jeong-HakPARK Jeong-Hak
as Viper (cameo)


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