Troubleshooter (Trapped)
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Troubleshooter (Trapped)

General info
Original title: Haegyeolsa (해결사)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2010
Genre: Action, Crime
Plot: A retired police detective, Kang Tae-sik, is hired to snap photos of a couple at a love motel. Instead of lovers he walks in on a woman's corpse. Found him on a crime scene the police mistakenly believes he is the killer and Tae-sik embarks on a run. One minute later his mobile ringing with a categorical proposal from a mysterious caller: Tae-sik's name will be cleared, passing the police the real killer, if Tae Sik snatch a certain lawyer, who is giving evidence in court tomorrow in the bustling case of corrupt politicians.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 99

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Troubleshooter (Trapped) (Haegyeolsa) trailer

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Troubleshooter (Trapped), by JAMES MUDGE source:
«All of this is tempered with a few well-judged moments of humour, and though rough and tough at times, “Troubleshooter” makes for fun and entertaining viewing. Benefitting from a complicated plot and a likeably dogged protagonist, it stands as a fine detective conspiracy thriller and is definitely worth checking out by anyone who enjoyed “Public Enemy” and its peers.»

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Kwon, Hyeok-jaeKWON Hyeok-jae
Ryoo, Seung-WanRYOO Seung-Wan
Jung, Doo-HongJUNG Doo-Hong
as martial arts director


Sol, Kyung-GuSOL Kyung-Gu
as Kang Tae-sik
Lee, Jeong-JinLEE Jeong-Jin
as Jang Pil-ho
Oh, Dal-SuOH Dal-Su
as Choi Sang-cheol
Joo, Jin-moJOO Jin-mo
as Won Joo-bong
Lee, Sung-MinLEE Sung-Min
as Lawyer, Yoon Dae-hee
Moon, Jung-HeeMOON Jung-Hee
as Oh Kyeong-sin
Song, Sae-ByukSONG Sae-Byuk
as Oh Jong-gyoo
Choi, Jin-HoCHOI Jin-Ho
as Wang-Jae
Lee, Young-HoonLEE Young-Hoon
as Park Hyung-Joon
KIM Hyang-gi
as Tae-Sik's daughter
Park, Yeong-SeoPARK Yeong-Seo
as Goo Bon-chi
Jo, Yeong-jinJO Yeong-jin
as Jo Hyeon-cheol
Song, Jae-HoSONG Jae-Ho
as Oh Joong-Ho- Cameo
Kim, Jeong-seokKIM Jeong-seok
as Chief prosecutor
Lee, Moo-SaengLEE Moo-Saeng
as Interrogating prosecutor

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