Triumphant Return of General Rouge / The Triumphant General Rouge, The
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Triumphant Return of General Rouge / The Triumphant General Rouge, The

General info
Original title: Jeneraru Ruju No Gaisen (ジェネラル・ルージュの凱旋)
Country: Japan
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 7 56 votes
Plot: In a sequel to the hit medical thriller The Glorious Team Batista therapist Taguchi and irreverent government bureaucrat Shiratori investigates corruption case in ER department.

The mystery begins when Taguchi received an anonymous letter having to do with Dr. Hayami and unauthorized transactions with hospital medical supplier Medical Arts. During her investigation, Taguchi learns that nicknamed 'General Rouge' Hayami is charismatic and brilliant doctor, whose talent and professionalism are matched only by his condescension towards his colleagues. But when a Medical Arts salesman turns up dead, the suspects turn out to number more than just Hayami.
  • This sequel is adapted from 'General Rouge no Gaisen,' which is the third book in the same novel series as 'Team Batista.'
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 123

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Triumphant Return of General Rouge / The Triumphant General Rouge, The (Jeneraru Ruju No Gaisen) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Triumphant Return of General Rouge / The Triumphant General Rouge, The
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«The Triumphant General Rouge does earn points for shedding some light on the unglamorous world of hospital politics, with its cynical machinations and bottom line manuevering. This is interesting and even relevant subject matter, and though General Rouge handles it all in a glossy and commercial manner, it’s still there, buried beneath the TV drama trappings.»
Twitch, by Todd Brown source:
«Being set primarily inside the hospital, "General Rouge" thankfully has a varied and interesting cast of characters. ... Though nowhere near as entertaining, nor as 'vital' (had to), General Rouge offers a decent mystery and an interesting look into the politics of hospital work. »
The Hollywood Reporter, By Maggie Lee source:
«While "Glorious Team" succeeds in mounting tension by focusing on the 'sealed room murder mystery' set in the rarefied field of heart surgery, "Triumphant" sprawls all over the place plot-wise and set-wise. ... Although the film diagnoses the symptoms of corruption and politics in the medical profession, it never cuts deep into the cancerous core of the problems, or traces any of this to government negligence or complicity.»

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Nakamura, YoshihiroNAKAMURA Yoshihiro
SAITO Hiroshi
KAIDO Takeru
Sato, NaokiSATO Naoki


Takeuchi, YukoTAKEUCHI Yuko
as Kimiko Taguchi
Abe, HiroshiABE Hiroshi
as Keisuke Shiratori
Sakai, MasatoSAKAI Masato
as Koichi Hayami
Hada, MichikoHADA Michiko
as Miwa Hanabusa
Yamamoto, TaroYAMAMOTO Taro
as Takuma Sato
Takashima, MasanobuTAKASHIMA Masanobu
as Toshihiro Numata
Kanjiya, ShihoriKANJIYA Shihori
as Shoko Kisaragi
Omi, ToshinoriOMI Toshinori
as Keiji Mifune
Nogiwa, YôkoNOGIWA Yôko
as Nurse Fujiwara
Hiraizumi, SeiHIRAIZUMI Sei
as Seiichiro Kurosaki
Kunimura, JunKUNIMURA Jun
as Kenta Takashina
Hayashi, YasufumiHAYASHI Yasufumi
as Kotaro Komine
Masana, BokuzoMASANA Bokuzo
as Shinya Isobe
Sano, ShirôSANO Shirô
as Yuji Kakitani
Tamayama, TetsujiTAMAYAMA Tetsuji
as Toshiki Sakai
as Naoyuki ninomiya
Nagae, HidekazuNAGAE Hidekazu
Nakabayashi, TaikiNAKABAYASHI Taiki

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