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Train Man

General info
Original title: Densha Otoko (電車男)
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Genre: Comedy, Romance
IMDB Rating: 6.9 1037 votes
Plot: Computer engineer Otaku (the Japanese term for 'geek') is an average young man, dressed in unstylish clothes and dorky glasses. But as luck would have it, he encounters a pretty young woman on a commuter train and saves her from a lecherous molester, falling in love with her at first sight.

A few days later he receives a thank-you message from the woman along with a set of Hermes teacups. Having never had a girlfriend or received a gift from a girl in his life, Otaku seeks out his pals on his BBS website for advice using his codename Train_Man (Densha Otoko): 'How should I ask her out?' Deeply interested in Train Man's first love, his BBS pals eagerly supply him with advice. Encouraged by their support, Train_Man undergoes a total makeover for his first-ever date with 'Hermess'. Little does he know that he is about to ignite an Internet phenomenon...

Densha Otoko is the allegedly true story of one otaku who posted his story on the famous internet bulletin board 2 ch ( 2ch is the largest internet forum in the world. With over ten million visitors a day, 2 ch is gaining a significant profile in Japanese society, competing for influence with traditional mass media such as television, radio, and magazines.

There is also 11 series long TV drama.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 101

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Train Man (Densha Otoko) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Train Man
TV Guide, by Maitland McDonagh source:
«The sweet, goofy story of the "train man" — a shy nerd whose fumbling first romance is monitored by a community of online backseat drivers — became a phenomenon in Japan. Supposedly based on a true story, it became first a book, then a manga, then this movie and, finally, a television series. »
Midnight Eye, by Adam Campbell source:
«Therefore, be warned. Fans of the book or show may well be disappointed and casual audiences could well be repulsed. One thing I will say, that is quite an accomplishment for a dull romantic comedy.»
LoveHKfilm, by Sanjuro source:
«After all is said and done, Train Man is more or less just a fun little underdog story, thanks in large part to the likeable performances from its cast members. Sure, things are a bit too chaste and simplistic considering the situation, but in some ways, that's part of the appeal.»
The New York Times, by Jeannette Catsoulis source:
«The first thing you notice about the Japanese romantic comedy “Train Man: Densha Otoko” is its complete lack of snark. Though clearly aimed at teenagers, this unashamedly heartstruck movie is neither obsessed with sex nor driven to humiliate its characters.»
Playback:stl, by Jason Green source:
«Train_Man: Densha Otoko is that rare romantic comedy that doesn't feel manipulative or cloying, but rather an honest and moving reminder of what it feels like to fall in love for the first time.», by Don Willmott source:
«Train Man is a very fun ride, and if you're really interested, the original chat room transcripts can be found online for your reading pleasure. "Banzai, Densha Otoko!"»
Top Critic, by G. Allen Johnson source:
«If nothing else, this breezily entertaining fable ups the ante on depicting modern communication. I haven't seen a film that has more characters online or on a cell phone or both.»
Chancelucky source:
«Ultimately, Train Man is a celebration of the power of in-person human contact in an increasingly technological world. Some of the best bits have to do with the way text messages, cell phones, and e-mails keep people constantly in touch with one another yet just out of reach at the same time.»

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Toho CompanyToho Company
Fuji TVFuji TV


Yamada, TakayukiYAMADA Takayuki
as Densha otoko
Nakatani, MikiNAKATANI Miki
as Hermes
Kuninaka, RyokoKUNINAKA Ryoko
as Rika
as Hirofumi
Sasaki, KuranosukeSASAKI Kuranosuke
as Hisashi
Kimura, TaeKIMURA Tae
as Michiko
Okada, YoshinoriOKADA Yoshinori
as Yoshiga
Nishida, NaomiNISHIDA Naomi
as Hermes's friend
Osugi, RenOSUGI Ren
as Middle-aged man in train
Miyake, HirokiMIYAKE Hiroki
as Tamura
Sakamoto, MakotoSAKAMOTO Makoto
as Muto
as Schoolgirl on the train

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