Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon
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Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon

General info
Original title: Saam Gwok Dzi Gin Lung Se Gap (三國之見龍卸甲)
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 5.9 2019 votes
Plot: His country torn asunder by civil war, Zhao, a common man heeds the call of duty and from the humblest of roots rises through the ranks on wings of courage and cunning to command an army charged with liberating the land from an evil warlord. Inspiring by action, honor and a dream of unifying his divided nation, Zhao's heroism becomes legend, but as the years pass and the throne changes hands the war still rages on. When a newly enthroned king decides peace can only be achieved by defeating the warlords once and for all, the aging Zhao embarks on his final and greatest campaign, a road to adventure that will crown his name in glory for all time.

A sweeping action adventure with the stirring majesty of BRAVEHEART, the blistering martial balletics of HERO and the heart wrenching melodrama of CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, the THREE KINGDOMS starring Andy Lau, Sammo Hung and Maggie Q brings to life a towering six hundred year old epic renowned as one of the greatest classical novels of Chinese literature, in all its' staggering scale and splendor.
Movie info
Language: Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 102

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Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (Saam Gwok Dzi Gin Lung Se Gap) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, by Derek Elley source:
«Action, staged by Hung and fellow Hong Kong vet Yuen Tak, and deftly supported by CGI done in South Korea, largely avoids the purely fantastic. Reported $20 million tab is all up on the screen.

Publicity claims the script was inspired by Chapter 92 of the historical chronicle "Three Kingdoms," titled "Zhao Zilong's Army Confined in Phoenix Heights."»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Solid in a flashy, commercial, and empty manner. Purists of Three Kingdoms lore will be annoyed, and those who seek quality cinema may find the film lacking, but the undemanding may still enjoy the spectacle in all its dry, canned glory. »
Swifty Writing, by The Great Swifty source:
«Narratively, it's a little weak. You don't get to know the characters too well because of the voiceover narration (of Sammo Hung's character) and its use of montage to push the plot forward. It's like, you just jump to a few decades later before you've even familiarize yourself with anyone. But visually, this film is beautiful to look at.»
A Nutshell Review, by Stefan S source:
«On the whole, it's aesthetically beautiful but ringing really hollow.», by James Mudge source:
«Still, with a film obviously designed for designed for current commercial appeal this is not too severe a criticism, and “Three Kingdoms” basically manages to tick all the right boxes. Whilst not convincing or strong enough to offer a viable alternative to “Red Cliff”, or indeed “Warlords”, it nevertheless stands as a well-made piece of entertainment in its own right, above average by the standards of the genre and is recommended for fans of Chinese historical epics or the cast.» source:, by Richard Lim Jr
«Somehow it felt that director Daniel Lee had gotten away with the patchy story works due to the fact that he had a group of fine actors giving fine performance. Even in minor supporting roles such as Vanness Wu’s Zhao Biao and Ti Lung’s Guan Yu, it felt that their real life experience and attitude seemly helped contribute a natural aura to the character in a short span of screen time.»
Time Out New York source:
«Three Kingdoms’ complex story lines, filled with love, honor, betrayal and the other usual suspects, complement a lot of general ass-kicking that will surely delight any martial-arts fan looking for a fix.»

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Lee, DanielLEE Daniel
LAU Ho Leung
Visualizer Film Productions
Taewon EntertainmentTaewon Entertainment
China Film Co-Production CorporationChina Film Co-Production Corporation
Beijing Poly-Bona Film Publishing Company


Lau, AndyLAU Andy
as Zhao Zilong
Kam-Bo, Sammo HungKAM-BO Sammo Hung
as Luo Ping-An
Q, MaggieQ Maggie
as Cao Ying
WU Vanness
as Zhao Bao
On, AndyON Andy
as Deng Zhi
Yu, RongguangYU Rongguang
as Han De
PU Quanxin
as Zhuge Liang
Ti, LungTI Lung
as Guan Yu
as Liu Bei
Hui, Chen ZhiHUI Chen Zhi
as Zhang Fei
Lau, DamianLAU Damian
as Cao Cao
Hung, TimmyHUNG Timmy
as Han De's son

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