Swordsman III: East Is Red
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Swordsman III: East Is Red

General info
Original title: Dung Fong Bat Baai: Fung Wan Joi Hei
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1992
IMDB Rating: 6.2 591 votes
Plot: A royal official accompanies a Portuguese warship to the Black Cliffs to see the site of the defeat of the evil Invincible Asia, who attained supernatural abilities by following the sacred scroll and castrating himself. The official discovers that the Portuguese are actually after the sacred scroll, and then finds Invincible Asia him/herself, who is not actually dead. Invincible Asia seeks to destroy all the imposters or 'false Invincible Asias' who have assumed his/her place leading cults, whilst the Portuguese, a mysterious Japanese warlord and others search for Invincible Asia and the Sacred Scroll.
Movie info
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 93

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Swordsman III: East Is Red (Dung Fong Bat Baai: Fung Wan Joi Hei) trailer

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Ching, Siu-TungCHING Siu-Tung
LEE Raymond
Cha, LouisCHA Louis
CHAN Tin-Suen
TANG Pik-Yin
Tsui, HarkTSUI Hark
WU William
YUEN Richard


Lin, BrigitteLIN Brigitte
as Asia the Invincible (or 'Dong Fong But Bai')
KO Eddy
as Chin
Lau, ShunLAU Shun
as Warden of the Holy Altar
Lee, WaiseLEE Waise
as Snow's Conqubine
Wong, JoeyWONG Joey
as Snow
Yen, Shi-KwanYEN Shi-Kwan
as (as Yee Kwan Yan)
Yuen, FennieYUEN Fennie
YUEN King-Tan
as Madam
Yu, RongguangYU Rongguang
as Gu Cheong Fong

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