Swallowtail Butterfly (Yen Town)
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Swallowtail Butterfly (Yen Town)

General info
Original title: Swallowtail (スワロウテイル)
Country: Japan
Year: 1996
Genre: Crime, Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.4 1781 votes
Plot: An industrial section of Japan got the name of Yentown as many immigrants come to make money and hope to go home rich. A small group of people in Yentown try to work together to survive, there is a girl named Ageha who has no family, Glico the hooker, Fei Hong a poor immigrant from Shanghai, Arrow an ex boxer from the US and Ren the mysterious guy who seems to know too much about guns. Fortune shines upon them when they find a cassette that we'll get them rich but along with money trouble will always follow.

Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Swallowtail Butterfly (Yen Town) (Swallowtail) trailer

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Swallowtail Butterfly (Yen Town)
[KFCC], by Peter Zsurka source: http://www.kfccinema.com/reviews/drama/swallowtailbutterfly/swallowtai~~~ly.html
« In reality it’s hard to say what makes Swallowtail Butterfly a good film, I would have to say that the reason are probably different between most people. The thing that is certain is that this movie has a powerful story that is full of a lot of emotion. It is something that is bound to leave an affect on you either good or bad but you can never deny that this film has substance. If you already seen a movie by Shunji Iwai and enjoyed it I strongly suggest taking a look at this film. If you enjoy slow film with a great characters and a lot of depth then this might interest you.»

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Iwai, ShunjiIWAI Shunji
Kobayashi, TakeshiKOBAYASHI Takeshi


Mikami, HiroshiMIKAMI Hiroshi
as Feihong
as Glico
Ito, AyumiITO Ayumi
as Ageha
Eguchi, YosukeEGUCHI Yosuke
as Ryou Ryanki
Chi-On, Andy HuiCHI-ON Andy Hui
as Maofuu
Watabe, AtsuroWATABE Atsuro
as Ran
Yamaguchi, TomokoYAMAGUCHI Tomoko
as Shenmei
Otsuka, NeneOTSUKA Nene
as Reiko (as Nene Ohtsuka)
Momoi, KaoriMOMOI Kaori
as Suzukino
Douguchi, YorikoDOUGUCHI Yoriko
as Hoshino (as Yoriko Doguchi)
Curtis, MickeyCURTIS Mickey
as Doctor
Watanabe, TetsuWATANABE Tetsu
as Yakuza boss
Asano, TadanobuASANO Tadanobu
as Customer in club
as Voice work
Fujii, KahoriFUJII Kahori
as Yuriko
JÔ Akio
Kitami, ToshiyukiKITAMI Toshiyuki
Kohashi, KenjiKOHASHI Kenji
as Hoan
LEWIS Bryan Burton
as Arrow
Mitsuishi, KenMITSUISHI Ken
as (as Rolly Teranishi)
Sakai, ToshiyaSAKAI Toshiya
Shiomi, SanseiSHIOMI Sansei
Suzuki, KeiichiSUZUKI Keiichi
Taguchi, TomorowoTAGUCHI Tomorowo
as (as Shiro Takehatsu)
Weng, Hua RongWENG Hua Rong
Yamazaki, HajimeYAMAZAKI Hajime

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