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Suspect X

General info
Original title: Yogisha X No Kenshin (容疑者Xの献身)
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Genre: Mystery, Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.4 633 votes
Plot: During a mysterious murder investigation, elaborate bluffs, false testimonials, and loopholes in logic begin to appear as if intentionally placed as a challenge by someone with mathematical brilliance.

Professor Yukawa Manabu uses his supreme intellect and reasoning to help headstrong police detective Kaoru solve mysterious cases.

In one of the cases Yukawa meets his match in Ishigami Tetsuya, a math genius and Yukawa's former classmate who orchestrates the seemingly perfect murder cover-up.
  • The film is the continuation of the popular Japanese serial drama Galileo and includes the same cast featured in the drama. It is based on a novel series by mystery scribe Keigo Higashino, winner of the 134th Naoki Prize.

  • Suspect X topped Japan's box office for four consecutive weeks and is the third-highest grossing Japanese movie in 2008. It raked in nearly $3 million on 223,555 admissions, bringing its total to $31.3 million for its 23-day run.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Suspect X (Yogisha X No Kenshin) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Suspect X, by Richard Lim Jr source:
«Suspect X is not a perfect film but it is pretty much close to it. ... It’s a lovely blend of murder mystery and the mysteries of love with a quietly affecting performance by the cast. It also induces one to check out the TV series that this movie is based upon.»
A Nutshell Review, by Stefan S source:
«Those looking for a whodunnit, or an investigative crime drama where the investigators get stumped, would be expecting a totally different film altogether. Instead, the story goes behind and looks at motivation. The deed is done, but the mystery here is the Why...», by Pei Qi source:
«Suspect X is a movie that feeds you most of the big picture, at the same time twisting your mind into pondering over alternate scenarios. It’s also a bit of a love story, and a battle of wits between a Physics genius and a Maths one. It is a lot of things.»
«The movie felt a little long, but most of the time, it engages the viewers because it isn’t one of those predictable Hollywood standards. It concentrates on the interaction between people and how not everything can be calculated and measured in mathematical or physical ways. ... I don’t see this movie seizing the box office crown, but for its originality and interesting plot, it’s a B+. »

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Higashino, KeigoHIGASHINO Keigo
Fukuda, YasushiFUKUDA Yasushi
Amuse Pictures
Cine Bazar
Fuji TVFuji TV


Fukuyama, MasaharuFUKUYAMA Masaharu
as Manabu Yukawa
Shibasaki, KouSHIBASAKI Kou
as Kaoru Utsumi
Kitamura, KazukiKITAMURA Kazuki
as Shumpei Kusanagi
Tsutsumi, ShinichiTSUTSUMI Shin'ichi
as Tetsuya Ishigami
Matsuyuki, YasukoMATSUYUKI Yasuko
as Yasuko Hanaoka
as Kuniaki Kudo
Nagatsuka, KeishiNAGATSUKA Keishi
as Shinji Togashi
Kanazawa, MihoKANAZAWA Miho
as Misato Hanaoka
Watanabe, IkkeiWATANABE Ikkei
as Hiromi Koribayashi
Shinagawa, HiroshiSHINAGAWA Hiroshi
as Shiro Yuge
Maya, MikiMAYA Miki
as Sakurako Shironouchi
Franky, LilyFRANKY Lily
Hayashi, YasufumiHAYASHI Yasufumi
as Junichi Kakimoto
Ishizaka, KojiISHIZAKA Koji
Komatsu, AyakaKOMATSU Ayaka
Masuoka, ToruMASUOKA Toru
as Shujiro Katsuragi
Miura, MasakiMIURA Masaki
Morioka, RyûMORIOKA Ryû
Suzuki, TakujiSUZUKI Takuji
Tonesaku, ToshihideTONESAKU Toshihide
YAGI Akiko

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