Summer Time Machine Blues
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Summer Time Machine Blues

General info
Original title: Sama Taimumashin Burusu (サマータイムマシン・ブルース)
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi
IMDB Rating: 7.5 437 votes
Plot: 5 college boys, Takuma, Masaru, Shunsuke, Atsushi and Daigo all belong to sci-fi club, but they are not interested in science at all. They usually just hang around, play baseball or card, or take bath at the public bath. One day, they accidentally spill Coke on the remote controller of the air-conditioner. In the sweating bath-like clubroom, suddenly a time machine appears. Eventually, they decide to go back to 'yesterday' to bring the remote-controller. The mission ought to be quite easy, however, gradually they come to be worried. 'What if we change the past? Aren't we going to disappear like in movies?'
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 107

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Summer Time Machine Blues (Sama Taimumashin Burusu) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Summer Time Machine Blues
MidnightEye, Adam Campbell source:
«Summer Time Machine Blues is mainstream entertainment but it is actually entertaining which, unfortunately, stands out as quite a major achievement among recent Japanese entertainment films. Motohiro has demonstrated here that he can navigate a teen sci-fi farce as well as a humorous bureaucratic police drama, that is to say, rather well.»
LoveHKfilm, by Sanjuro source:
«When it comes to sci-fi comedy, Summer Time Machine Blues is, quite possibly, one of the funniest time travel movies ever made. Sure, maybe later, I'll want to go back in time and reverse such an overwhelmingly positive endorsement, but somehow, I doubt it. Summer Time Machine Blues is a fun movie - for any era.»
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«Absolutely hilarious film, that is as funny as it is clever in its plot construction. ... Summer Time Machine Blues has a seriously wicked plot and is a blast to experience. Highly recommended film that should appeal to anyone that watches the film.»
Cinema-Repose, by M. Douglas source:
«Summer Time Machine Blues is a great little film that does not try to be the best time travel film ever made, but it fits the niche very well. ... Now for the part I thought that was lacking in the film…the acting.»

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Motohiro, KatsuyukiMOTOHIRO Katsuyuki
UEDA Makoto
Imagica Corp.
Robot Communications


as Takuma Komoto
YOZA Yoshiaki
as Masaru Niimi
Kawaoka, DaijiroKAWAOKA Daijiro
as Shunsuke Koizumi
NAGANO Munenori
as Atsushi Soga
Muro, TsuyoshiMURO Tsuyoshi
as Daigo Ishimatsu
Ueno, JuriUENO Juri
as Haruka Shibata
Maki, YokoMAKI Yoko
as Yui Ito
as Akira Tamura
Masu, TakeshiMASU Takeshi
as The Theatre Maneger
as The Public Bath Clerk
Sasaki, KuranosukeSASAKI Kuranosuke
as Professor Kohtaro Hozumi
as The Janitor

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