Sukiyaki Western Django
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Sukiyaki Western Django

General info
Original title: Sukiyaki Western Django (スキヤキ ウェスタン ジャンゴ)
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Genre: Action, Western
IMDB Rating: 6.3 6664 votes
Plot: After centuries of war, the rival Heike and Genji clans have been reduced to little more than scrappy gangs of ill-kempt stragglers. The Heike led by hot-tempered Kiyomori (Sato Koichi) and the Genji led by criminally cool Yoshitsune (Iseya Yusuke) both catch wind that there's gold to be found in the small, remote town of Yuta. Showdown in little Yuta is inevitable when both clans come rolling into town at the same time. Joining the fray is a mysterious, nameless cowboy (Ito Hideaki) with the fastest guns in the west. Both clans are eager to enlist the ronin into their ranks, but he will only offer his services to the highest bidder.
Movie info
Language: English
Colormode: Color
Running time: 121

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Sukiyaki Western Django (Sukiyaki Western Django) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Sukiyaki Western Django
Tabehodai Cinema, by Jason Gray source:
«Amazingly detailed sets that combine classic western and Japanese architecture, in all its crumbling and weatherbeaten glory. The film does occasionally jump out of the one-street town and visits some stunning mountain vistas and forest locations, giving it a more epic feel.»
Midnight Eye review, by Tom Mes source:
«Sukiyaki Western Django is not the Miike movie with the bad English. Sukiyaki Western Django is the movie that best embodies the freedom, the joy, the vitality, and the lucidity that form the basis of Takashi Miike's filmmaking.»
Twitch - TIFF Report, by Todd Brown source:
«Sukiyaki Western Django captures Miike in his glossy, crowd pleasing, supposedly mainstream mode - this is far more the Miike of Zebraman and The Great Yokai War than the Miike of Ichi the Killer - and it is one of the very best examples of the type, a near perfect fusion of the raw energy that made so many cultists fans in the first place and the technical polish that has become increasingly evident in his more recent work. It is stylish, surprising, occasionally shocking but mostly just very, very fun.»
Bloody Disgusting Horror, by Mr. Disgusting source:
«SUKIYAKI was no doubt a Miike film, carrying all of the characteristics - including the bad ones. In terms of a quality movie, SUKIYAKI was lacking in the screenplay, the entire tone (seriousness) and overall effort. While the film felt rushed (or ignored) in certain areas (most notably in the acting), Miike excels to the top of his game in others (the eye candy). If you're looking for a Takashi Miike film, you've found it. SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO is a typical Miike film in every aspect, so there are no surprises nor disappointments... unless of course you've never seen anything by Miike.»
The Japan Times Online, by MARK SCHILLING source:
«The biggest miscalculation, however, was the decision to have the Japanese cast speak English - and not simple day-to-day conversational English either, but ornately colloquial dialogue that rolls out of monolingual mouths like someone reciting the Gettysburg Address while gargling water. Some in the cast, such as Kaori Momoi and Yusuke Iseya, rate fairly high on the intelligibility scale, but the overall effect is grating. Will this bother local audiences? Maybe. I would also be annoyed if I had to sit though a Hollywood remake of "Yojimbo," Akira Kurosawa's classic 1961 Eastern Western, with Brad Pitt emoting in mangled Edo Period Japanese.»
Explain! Magazine, by Cam Lindsay source:
«The fast-paced action is well staged on a set that borrows from both western and samurai traditions; Miike mixes both good old gunplay (a Gatling gun that's housed in the original film's iconic coffin) and martial arts swordplay, which intermingle cohesively until the last fight.»
Reel Time, by Will Sloan of Inside Toronto source:
« This is a crazy, fast-paced spectacle of a movie, with some stunning action scenes and gorgeously colourful production design. The problem is, it's an empty spectacle. Ultimately, Sukiyaki Western Django is an exhausting experience. This is not a film you become involved in - it isn't funny or engaging.»

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Miike, TakashiMIIKE Takashi
Endô, KôjiENDÔ Kôji


Ito, HideakiITO Hideaki
as Gunman
Ando, MasanobuANDO Masanobu
as Yoichi
Sato, KoichiSATO Koichi
as Taira no Kiyomori
Momoi, KaoriMOMOI Kaori
as Ruriko
Iseya, YusukeISEYA Yusuke
as Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Ishibashi, RenjiISHIBASHI Renji
as Benkei
Kimura, YoshinoKIMURA Yoshino
Ishibashi, TakaakiISHIBASHI Takaaki
Kagawa, TeruyukiKAGAWA Teruyuki
Nishida, ToshiyukiNISHIDA Toshiyuki
Oguri, ShunOGURI Shun
Sakai, MasatoSAKAI Masato
as Taira no Shigemori
SATO Hideaki
STORMS Christian
Tanaka, YojiTANAKA Yoji
Tarantino, QuentinTARANTINO Quentin
as Ringo

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