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General info
Original title: Su-Ki-Da (好きだ、)
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.3 441 votes
Plot: Ishikawa Hiroshi, director of the much-admired Tokyo.Sora, returns with his second feature, Su-Ki-Da, for which he has assembled a stellar cast of young thesps. Miyazaki Aoi (NANA), Eita (Kuchu Teien), Nagasaku Hiromi (Kuchu Teien), Kase Ryo (Scrap Heaven), Nishijima Hideotoshi (Dolls), Omori Nao (Vibrator) and Oyamada Sayuri (Bright Future) all appear in this touching romantic drama.

17-year-old Yu (Miyazaki Aoi) has a major crush on Yosuke (Eita), the handsome young boy who plays his guitar on the riverbank everyday. He plays the same tune again and again and it fills Yu's heart with joy and longing - but also with sadness. As much as she may love Yosuke, she knows that his affections lie elsewhere, with Yu's older sister, no less. Seventeen years later, Yu (now played by Nagasaku Hiromi) and Yosuke (now played by Nishijima Hideotoshi) meet by chance in Tokyo, reawakening long-dormant emotions within Yu's heart, but also within Yosuke's.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 104

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Sukida (Su-Ki-Da) trailer

Tags: Sukida, Su-Ki-Da, 2005, Japanese movies, Drama movies, Romance movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Lunapark6 review source:
«Sukida is a slow, quiet film with characters that are filled with sadness & depression. If you give the movie a chance to resolve the issues it brings up, a positive message of hope & happiness emerges which was an unexpected surprise. That guitar melody will now be stuck in my head for at least the next 7 days.», by Sanjuro (c) source:
«Saying "I love you" has never been so hard - or taken quite so long. At least, that's the impression I take from director Hiroshi Ishikawa's 2005 project, Su-ki-da. It's an involving drama that may test the viewer's patience, but its eventual delivery of a simple, rewarding coda pretty much justifies the opaque, minimalist, and sometimes tedious choices that typify most of the film.»

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Ishikawa, HiroshiISHIKAWA Hiroshi
Kanno, YôkoKANNO Yôko
Andes Film Production


Miyazaki, AoiMIYAZAKI Aoi
as Yu - young
Nishijima, HidetoshiNISHIJIMA Hidetoshi
as Yosuke
Nagasaku, HiromiNAGASAKU Hiromi
as Yu
as Yosuke - young
Kase, RyoKASE Ryo
Nonami, MahoNONAMI Maho
Omori, NaoOMORI Nao
Oyamada, SayuriOYAMADA Sayuri
as Yu's elder sister


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