Suicide Song, The
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Suicide Song, The

General info
Original title: Densen Uta (伝染歌)
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Genre: Horror
IMDB Rating: 5.6 131 votes
Plot: Anzu Natsuno, an ordinary student at an all-girls high school, is walking in the hallway when she is attracted by a mysterious melody coming from the auditorium. There, she finds her classmate Kana singing and, much to Anzu's shock, commits suicide right before her. A few days later, Anzu is approached by magazine columnist Riku Nagasei, who is investigating an urban legend about the Densen Uta, or the infectious song, that turns whoever sings it suicidal.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Suicide Song, The (Densen Uta) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Suicide Song, The
Nippon Cinema, by kevin source:
«One need look no further than the theatrical trailer to see how this was marketed as a straight-forward horror flick about a cursed song that forces people to commit suicide, but in reality it’s more of a social satire and vehicle for Jpop unit AKB48 that happens to have a horror sub-plot tying it all together. »
Cinema-Repose, by M. Douglas source:
«“Suicide Song” is not entirely a horror film—there I said it. It might look like a horror film from the outset, but it’s more of a thriller than anything else, and a funny one at that. There are numerous instances within the film that are downright hilarious, strange, and even silly.»

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Harada, MasatoHARADA Masato
Akimoto, YasushiAKIMOTO Yasushi
Densen Uta Film Partners
Shochiku Eizo Company


Matsuda, RyuheiMATSUDA Ryuhei
as Riku Nagase
Iseya, YusukeISEYA Yusuke
as Taichi
Abe, HiroshiABE Hiroshi
as Jake
Kimura, YoshinoKIMURA Yoshino
as Ranko Kaburagi
Ôshima, YûkoÔSHIMA Yûko
as Anzu Natsuno
Akimoto, SayakaAKIMOTO Sayaka
as Akari Matsuda
Kojima, HarunaKOJIMA Haruna
as Kiriko
Maeda, AtsukoMAEDA Atsuko
as Kana
KASAI Tomomi
Minegishi, MinamiMINEGISHI Minami
Ono, ErenaONO Erena

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