Strawberry Shortcakes
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Strawberry Shortcakes

General info
Original title: Strawberry Shortcakes (ストロベリーショートケイクス)
Country: Japan
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.2 308 votes
Plot: Four ladies struggle to find happiness in the mega-metropolis known as Tokyo :
Satoko: Works as a receptionist at “Heavan’s Gate,” an escort service. At home she often prays to God to let her find a boy that will love her.
Akiyo: Works at “Heavan’s Gate” as a prostitute. She saves her money in order to buy a condo situated on the 5th floor or higher. Once she gets old & senile, she plans to jump out of her apartment to her death.
Chihiro: Works in a low level office position. When her roommate, Toku, asks if there is a God, she replies “God would be something like a boyfriend. Buys me whatever I want and makes possible all my wishes.”
Toku: Works obsessively as an animator, suffers from bulimia.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Strawberry Shortcakes (Strawberry Shortcakes) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Strawberry Shortcakes
Midnight Eye, by Paul Spicer source:
«As well as the simple but often clever narrative, what really does stand out from watching Strawberry Shortcakes are the performances of the actors, especially the four protagonists. Conversations are natural, responses are as you would expect not from watching a film, but from a documentary picture. It really is superbly played from beginning to end.»
Twitch, by Todd source:
«Yazaki films "Strawberry Shortcakes" almost like a documentary and his stark and blunt portrayals of sex and love remind me of Larry Clark's films such as "Ken Park" and "Kids". While the ending in particular did seem a bit contrived and some of the drama forced, I found "Strawberry Shortcakes" an interesting film and one which did make me care about these characters and the lives they lead. Life can be a bitch but perhaps surviving those rough spots are the true test of our character, our faith and hope.»
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«The manner in which “Strawberry Shortcakes” unfolded was a mixture of comedic scenes, somber scenes of isolation, and a handful of mildly explicit sexual scenes. The yearning that the four main leads held inside, was perhaps indicative of people living in such a large metropolis as Tokyo.While all four of the main characters battle familiar problems (loneliness, jealousy, unrequited love), you can’t help to be impressed with the small details (their apartments!) and unique style of the movie. Strawberry Shortcakes is one of the better films I have seen this year, check this one out.»

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Yazaki, HitoshiYAZAKI Hitoshi
Nananan, KirikoNANANAN Kiriko
writer/as Toko (as Toko Iwase)
Inukai, KyokoINUKAI Kyoko
UPLINK Company


Ikewaki, ChizuruIKEWAKI Chizuru
as Satoko
Nakagoshi, NorikoNAKAGOSHI Noriko
as Chihiro
Nakamura, YûkoNAKAMURA Yûko
as Akiyo
Kase, RyoKASE Ryo
as Nagai
Ando, MasanobuANDO Masanobu
as Kikuchi
Cho, TamiyasuCHO Tamiyasu
as Lee
HOSAKA Kazushi
as Client
INUI Akito
as Client
as Doctor
ITO Kiyomi
as Matsushita
Katsura, AsamiKATSURA Asami
as Sakie
Maeda, AyakaMAEDA Ayaka
as Michiru
Miyashita, TomomiMIYASHITA Tomomi
as Yuri
Misaka, ChiekoMISAKA Chieko
Murasugi, SeminosukeMURASUGI Seminosuke
as Morio
Nakahara, HitomiNAKAHARA Hitomi
as Machiko
Okumura, KouenOKUMURA Kouen
as Tadokoro
Suwa, TaroSUWA Taro
as Client
Takahashi, MaiTAKAHASHI Mai
as Kondo
as Client
Yajima, KenichiYAJIMA Kenichi
as Osaki

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