Spring Snow
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Spring Snow

General info
Original title: Haru No Yuki (春の雪)
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 7 171 votes
Plot: Taking place in the early 20th century, the film, based upon a novel by the great Mishima, tells the story of a forbidden love. Kiyoaki realizes that he is deeply in love with Satoko when it is too late, as she has already accepted a marriage proposal from another man.
Movie info
Language: English, Thai, Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Spring Snow (Haru No Yuki) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Spring Snow
Heroic Cinema, by Deni Stoner source: http://www.heroic-cinema.com/reviews/sprgsnow
«Likely, had the author been alive to supervise the screen-writing, it might have been a drastically different film. Possibly, the Japanese audience's familiarity with their own literary history provided the insights into the characters that my own cultural heritage could not. Maybe I should have merely appreciated the tragedy of the lover's ruin for the consumptive spectacle it was; it's not like I haven't loved other doomed romances in the past - Kathy and Heathcliffe, Chocho-san and B.F. Pinkerton, Violetta and Alfredo, Gennosuke and Oboro - but for me Kiyoaki and Satoko's possible fated reincarnation in the next life couldn't come soon enough.»
Variety, by RUSSELL EDWARDS source: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117928903.html?categoryid=31&cs=1
«As the wickedly contrary Kiyoaki, Tsumabuki gives a precise performance, while Takeuchi skillfully avoids overplaying her hand as the lovestruck heroine. Supports are impressive.

A "planning" credit to the original author's son, Iichiro, indicates the Mishima family still has a controlling interest in the late writer's affairs. Accordingly, yarn's the subtext of a gay love between Kiyoaki and Shigekuni will be invisible to auds unfamiliar with the novel. Sublime score by Taro Iwashiro is well-suited to the drama, but the end credits are backed by an anachronistic contempo song by J-popster Hikaru Utada.»

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Yukisada, IsaoYUKISADA Isao
Mishima, YukioMISHIMA Yukio
ITOU Chihiro
Sato, ShinsukeSATO Shinsuke
Iwashiro, TarôIWASHIRO Tarô


Tsumabuki, SatoshiTSUMABUKI Satoshi
as Kiyoaki Matsugae
Takeuchi, YukoTAKEUCHI Yuko
as Satoko Ayakura
Takaoka, SousukeTAKAOKA Sousuke
as Shigekuni Honda
Oikawa, MitsuhiroOIKAWA Mitsuhiro
as H.I.H Tohin-nomiya harunorioh
Taguchi, TomorowoTAGUCHI Tomorowo
as Yamada, Butler of Matsugae family
Takahata, AtsukoTAKAHATA Atsuko
as H.R.H Tohin-nomiya
Ishimaru, KenjiroISHIMARU Kenjiro
as Marquis Ayakura
as Marchioness Ayakura
Kishida, KyôkoKISHIDA Kyôko
as Kiyoaki's grandmother
Maya, KyôkoMAYA Kyôko
as Marchioness Matsugae
Enoki, TakaakiENOKI Takaaki
as Marquis Matsugae
OOKUSU Michiyo
as Tadeshina
Shida, MiraiSHIDA Mirai
as Young Satoko Ayakura
as Geshuji monzeki
Tanaka, ChieTANAKA Chie
Yamamoto, KeiYAMAMOTO Kei
as Shigekuni as an old man

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