Sky of Love
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Sky of Love

General info
Original title: Koizora
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 6.8 420 votes
Plot: Koizora is a love story that was originally published on the popular cell phone site Mahou no iRando. It was authored by new writer Mika, and is based on her own experiences. The story was released in book form last October, selling more than a million copies in its first month.

Wide-eyed girl-next door Mika falls head over heels into first love when she meets bleached-hair delinquent Hiro. But love forces them to grow up too early as they face grave trials and tragedies together.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 120

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Sky of Love (Koizora) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Sky of Love
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«The film feels a lot longer than its runtime and literally moves in slow motion during its lengthy middle portion.»
Twitch, by JMaruyama source:
«It is weepy and sometimes overly dramatic movie at times but still a good enough film for couples in love. A good “chick flick” with a little bit of a bite and one that won’t have male viewers bored to tears.», by Tyler Lim source:
«If you have the tenacity to endure the cheesy lovey-dovey lines and you like a clean colourful bright sunshine palate for cinematography, these Japanese flicks are cute date fodder.»

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Imai, NatsukiIMAI Natsuki
Watanabe, MutsukiWATANABE Mutsuki
Toho CompanyToho Company


Aragaki, YuiARAGAKI Yui
as Mika Tahara
Miura, HarumaMIURA Haruma
as Hiro Sakurai
Asano, YûkoASANO Yûko
as Yasue Tahara - Mika's mother
Asari, YosukeASARI Yosuke
as Nozomu
Asou, YumiASOU Yumi
as Akemi Sakurai
Fukada, AkiFUKADA Aki
as Saori Tahara
as Aya
as Minako
Koide, KeisukeKOIDE Keisuke
as Yu Fukuhara
Matsui, ErinaMATSUI Erina
Nakamura, AoiNAKAMURA Aoi
as Nozomu
as Katsuji Tahara
as Saki
Yamamoto, RyûjiYAMAMOTO Ryûji
as Hirokazu Sakurai

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