Sisily 2km
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Sisily 2km

General info
Original title: Sisily 2km
Country: South Korea
Year: 2004
Genre: Comedy, Horror
IMDB Rating: 6.7 234 votes
Plot: 'Sicily 2km' mixes horror film and tough guy clichés into a cross genre picture that has strong echos of such films as 'Shaun of the Dead' or 'Army of Darkness'. Like those films, it seeks to combine genres in an acceptable way, all the while ensuring that things come with a heavy dose of humor.

What we have here is a quartet of 'goodfellas' that are looking for a former associate that has lifted a heavy sum of diamond off them. In the mean time, a rural family has come across the compressed pieces of carbon and don't feel like giving them up. Conflict ensues. As things go, the mob boys begin to witness strange things (like a girl's ghostly body hanging at a deserted school) that leads them to believe that the family is hiding more than just the diamonds.

It's strengths lay in it's solid filming, quirky script and willing cast. It's major flaw is that while it seeks to mix genre elements, it keeps itself from ever going very far in any direction. All things considered, it ends up a fun piece of pop-corn.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 109

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Sisily 2km (Sisily 2km) trailer

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Sisily 2km
HanCinema, `Sisily' Isn't Silly or Scary source:
« The movie, which opened Friday, takes two of the most popular and overused genres in Korean cinema over the past few years _ horror film and gangster comedy _ but rather than choosing one or the other, tries for a potentially new hybrid by combining the two.

Unfortunately, good ideas don't always make for good films. Instead of going the parody route like, say, the "Scary Movie" series, "Sisily" literally tries to find a midpoint between the two genres by halving the film, starting off as a gangster affair and ending it with ghosts. The result is an incomplete film that doesn't come off as either comic or horrific.»

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SHIN Jeong-Won
LEE Chang-Shi
KANG Jae-Hyeok
Hanmaek Movies


Lim, Chang JungLIM Chang Jung
as Yang Yi
Kwon, Oh-JungKWON Oh-Jung
as Seok-tae
Shin, YiSHIN Yi
as Ghost
Lim, Eun-KyeongLIM Eun-Kyeong
as Song Yi
Byeon, Hie-BongBYEON Hie-Bong
Kim, Yun-SeokKIM Yun-Seok
as Hak-gyu


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