Shonen Merikensack / Brass Knuckle Boys, The
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Shonen Merikensack / Brass Knuckle Boys, The

General info
Original title: Shonen Merikensakku (少年メリケンサック)
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating: 6.6 221 votes
Plot: A step away from losing her job, record company employee Kanna (Miyazaki Aoi) comes across an awesome punk rock band called Shonen Merikensack on the Internet, and sets out to sign them. With her job on the line, she discovers too late that the video she saw is actually an old clip from the 80s, and the members - bassist Akio (Sato Koichi), guitarist Haruo (Kimura Yuichi), drummer Young (Miyake Hiroki), and vocalist Jimmy (Taguchi Tomorow) - are now all down-on-luck middle-aged fogies. As buzz for the mystery band grows, Kanna's record company, still in the dark about the truth, decide to launch a concert tour for Shonen Merikensack, and they want Kanna to be the band's manager!

  • The Brass Knuckle Kids' music in the film was written and recorded by real-life Tokyo punk band the Ging Nang Boyz.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 125

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Shonen Merikensack / Brass Knuckle Boys, The (Shonen Merikensakku) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Shonen Merikensack / Brass Knuckle Boys, The
Twitch, Todd Brown source:
«Though definitely not without its goofy side - the interactions between Kanna and the band are frequently hilarious - The Shonen Merikensack is ultimately a smart, character based bit of work. It’s a classic road movie, all of the players forced to learn and grow thanks to the enforced proximity to one another, all of them forced to confront the bad decisions of their pasts and chart a course for the future.»
Twitch, James Hadfield source:
«Kankuro Kudo’s film has been promoted to within an inch of its life in Japan, to the point that I was already getting sick of it before it had even opened. My bad: this is one of the best comedies I’ve seen in the past few years, Japanese or otherwise. ... I’d hesitate to call this a masterpiece, but mainstream Japanese cinema doesn’t get much better.»
Variety, By RUSSELL EDWARDS source:
«Initially fast-flying gags seem to prepare pic for a hallowed place between rock mockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap" and British aging-rockers dramedy "Still Crazy." A flashback to band's transformative first gig after a boy-band concert falls apart is a riot, hilariously recalling the Sex Pistols rising from the ashes of the Bay City Rollers. Unfortunately, once the band gets on the road, the script starts to go out of tune. ... But even when pic loses its mojo, Kudo demonstrates a tenacious capacity for delivering winning gags when they're least expected.»

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Kudo, KankuroKUDO Kankuro
MUKAI Shutoku
Kinoshita Management
TV Tokyo
Toei CompanyToei Company


Miyazaki, AoiMIYAZAKI Aoi
as Kanna Kurita
Sato, KoichiSATO Koichi
as Akio (bass)
Kimura, YuichiKIMURA Yuichi
as Haruo (guitar)
Taguchi, TomorowoTAGUCHI Tomorowo
as Jimmy (vocals)
Miyake, HirokiMIYAKE Hiroki
as Young (drums)
Santamaria, YusukeSANTAMARIA Yusuke
as Tokita (Record Company President)
Katsuji, RyoKATSUJI Ryo
as Masaru
Taki, PierreTAKI Pierre
as Kinji Kaneko
Tanabe, SeiichiTANABE Seiichi
as Telya
Sato, TomohitoSATO Tomohito
as young Akio
Namioka, KazukiNAMIOKA Kazuki
as young Haruo
Ishida, HoshiISHIDA Hoshi
as young Young
Mineta, KazunobuMINETA Kazunobu
as young Jimmi
Aikawa, ShoAIKAWA Sho
as Kanna's father

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