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General info
Original title: Swiri
Country: South Korea
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 6.6 4750 votes
Plot: North Korea's 8th Special Forces hijacks a shipment of CTX, a potent new liquid explosive, and threatens South Korea as part of a plot to re-unify the two countries.Ryu and Lee, special agents of O.P., South Korea's secret intelligence service, attempt to track down the terrorists and find the CTX. Meanwhile Hee, the 8th's ultra-bad female sniper, resurfaces to wreak havoc and haunt Ryu.

Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 125

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Shiri (Swiri) trailer

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Kang, Je-GyuKANG Je-Gyu
Lee, Dong-JunLEE Dong-Jun
Kang Je-Kyu Film Co. Ltd.


Han, Suk-KyuHAN Suk-Kyu
as Yu, JongWon
Choi, Min-SikCHOI Min-Sik
as Park, Mu-young
Kim, YunjinKIM Yunjin
as Lee, Myung-hyun
(Lee, Bang-hee) (as Yoon-jin Kim)
Song, Kang-HoSONG Kang-Ho
as Lee, Jang-gil
KIM Johnny
as Jung, Dae-Ho (as Derek Kim)
Hwang, Jeong-MinHWANG Jeong-Min
Jang, Hyeong-SeongJANG Hyeong-Seong
Kim, Su-RoKIM Su-Ro
Lee, Seung-ShinLEE Seung-Shin
Park, Yong-WooPARK Yong-Woo

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