Shaolin Temple 3: Martial Arts of Shaolin
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Shaolin Temple 3: Martial Arts of Shaolin

General info
Original title: Nan Bei Shao Lin
Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 1986
Genre: Action
IMDB Rating: 6.5 592 votes
Plot: Jet Li weasels out of the north Shaolin temple to assassinate a despotic ruler at the ruler's extravagant public birthday celebration. Two other men from the south Shaolin temple also set out to assassinate the ruler, but all three fail and are chased all over by soldiers. Meanwhile, one of the southerners turns out to be a cross-dressed woman, who is also discovered to wear a footbell to match Jet Li's, meaning they are somehow slated for an arranged marriage.
Movie info
Language: Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 99

Shaolin Temple 3: Martial Arts of Shaolin (Nan Bei Shao Lin) trailer

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Liu, Chia-LiangLIU Chia-Liang
SHI Yang-Ping


Li, JetLI Jet
as Zhi Ming
PAN Qingfu
Qiang, Hu JianQIANG Hu Jian
WONG Chau-Yin
as Si Ma Yan
Yu, Cheng-HuiYU Cheng-Hui
as He Sao
Yu, HaiYU Hai
as Sifu


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