Sexy Teacher / Who Slept With Her
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Sexy Teacher / Who Slept With Her

General info
Original title: Nuga Geunyeo-Wa Jasseulkka?
Country: South Korea
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.2 501 votes
Plot: Beautiful, sexy Ji-young is placed at an all boys’ high school as student-teacher. Teenage boys in puberty think of her as a sex goddess and fantasize about her. Then from one of the classrooms, Dean of Students sees a silhouette of a couple embracing and hears a woman moaning. He goes to the classroom only to discover a pair of red stilettos. He suspects Ji-young and is resolved to protect the boys from her sexual charms.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 109

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Sexy Teacher / Who Slept With Her (Nuga Geunyeo-Wa Jasseulkka?) trailer

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KIM Yu-Seong
KIM Hyeon-Hee
Taewon EntertainmentTaewon Entertainment


Ahn, Seon-YeongAHN Seon-Yeong
Baek, Il-SeobBAEK Il-Seob
HA Dong-Hoon
Ha, Seok-JinHA Seok-Jin
Kim, Sa-RangKIM Sa-Rang
KIM Won-Hie
LEE Hyeok-Jae
Lee, Ju-ShilLEE Ju-Shil
LIM Hyeong-Jun
Park, Cheol-MinPARK Cheol-Min
PARK Jun Gyu
Shin, Hyeon-JunSHIN Hyeon-Jun
Shin, YiSHIN Yi
YU Chae-Yeong

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