Seven Swords
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Seven Swords

General info
Original title: Chat Gim (七劍)
Year: 2005
Genre: Action, Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.2 5052 votes
Plot: In the early 1600's, the Manchurians took over the sovereignty of China and established the Ching Dynasty. With many pro-nationalisit revolts occuring, the newly set-up govrnment immediately imposed a ban on the study and practice of the Martial Arts; forbidding them altogether in an attempt to gain effective control and order. Fire-wind (Sun Honglei), a military official from the previous dynasty, sees this as an oppurtuntity to make a fortune for himself by helping to implement the new law. Greedy, cruel, and immoral, Fire-wind ravages and ranges acros North-western China with his next goal to attack the final frontier; an intransigent and hold-out town known as the Martial Village.

Fu Qingzhu (Lau Kar Leung), a retired executioner from the previous dynasty, feels a moral obligation to try and put a top to this brutiality and decides to save Martial Village. He convinces We Yuanyin (Charlie Young) and Han Zhibang (Lu Yi) from the village to travel with him to the far away and mystical Mount Heaven in order to seek help from Master Shadow-Glow (Ma Jingwu), a hermit who is a master of swords and leads a group of disciples with unimaginable swordsmanship. Master Shadow-Glow agrees to help, and orders four of his best disciples to go. Together with Chu Zhaonan (Donnie Yen), Yang Yunchong (Leon LAi), Mulang (Duncan Chow), and Xin Longzi (Tai Li Wu), their heroic journey begins. Representing heroism and goodness at its finest, they come to be known as the Seven Swords.

Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Seven Swords (Chat Gim) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Seven Swords
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«There's a lot going on in Seven Swords, and oddly some stuff should probably have been edited out. The Master has done better work, but for what it is - a gritty return to martial arts swordplay storytelling - Seven Swords does just fine.»
Time Out New York, by Wally Hammond source:
«It’s a bravura, artful work – one spinning duel is a triumph of elegant editing – sympathetically acted and laced with a welcome modicum of humour and surprising, almost brutal sexuality. But the sheer level of breathless, plot-befuddling event may tire all but the diehard martial arts fan.»
Twitch, by Mack source:
«A very disappointing film and falling far short of the mark in the wuxia genre.»
Channel 4 Film, by Anton Bitel source:
«With an epic cast but few distinguishable characters, Tsui Hark's latest makes a simple story as confusing as possible, and, despite all the swords, seems to have little real point», by Joe Shieh source:
«This film offers such a rich world with endless possibilities and potentially unforgettable characters. It isn’t so much that the film itself that disappoints the most, but the promise this film carried.»

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Tsui, HarkTSUI Hark
CHUN Tin Nam
Kawai, KenjiKAWAI Kenji
Film Workshop
Beijing Ciwen Digital Oriental Film & TV Production Co.
Boram Entertainment Inc.
City Glory Pictures Ltd.


Yen, DonnieYEN Donnie
as Chu Zhao Nan
Lai, LeonLAI Leon
as Yang Yun Chong
Yeung, CharlieYEUNG Charlie
as Wu Yuan Yin
DAI Liwu
as Xin Long Zi
Liu, Chia-LiangLIU Chia-Liang
as Fu Qing Ju
Lai, DuncanLAI Duncan
as Mulang (as Duncan Chow)
Lu, YiLU Yi
as Han Zhi Ban
MA Jingwu
as Master Shadow-Glow
PIAO Jason Pai
as Liu Jingyi
Sun, HongleiSUN Honglei
as Fire-wind
Wong, MichaelWONG Michael
as Prince Dokado (as Michael F. Wong)
Zhang, JingchuZHANG Jingchu
as Liu Yufang
Kim, So-YeonKIM So-Yeon
as Luzhu
Chen, JiajiaCHEN Jiajia
as Kualo
Mee, MichelleMEE Michelle
as Luzhu (voice)
Wang, WenjieWANG Wenjie
as Duogeduo Swordsman
YANG Lixiao
as Girl in blood

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