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Seaside Motel

General info
Original title: Shîsaido Moteru (シーサイドモーテル)
Country: Japan
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 6.3 43 votes
Plot: А shabby, four-room motel oddly named as Seaside Motel is perched on a mountain — with no view of the sea at all. This is not only wrong thing about it. The second one is its weird group of guests tonight: a smooth talking cosmetics salesman and sly call girl; middle aged man suffering from erectile dysfunction and his pretty and bored young wife; a cabaret girl and her usual customer; an indebted gambler with his overly curious girlfriend and Yakuza bill collectors. Four different stories unfold in each of the rooms of the Seaside Motel this eventful night.
  • The movie is based on the manga “Motel” by Yukio Okada.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 103

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Seaside Motel (Shîsaido Moteru) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Seaside Motel
Twitch, by James Marsh source:
«THE SEASIDE MOTEL will be best remembered for what it fails to be, rather than what it accomplishes. It is a disappointing missed opportunity that has no idea how to use its bountiful assets to its advantage. While the first half is engaging, amusing and earns plentiful goodwill from its audience, Moriya soon loses the reins and as the different story threads unravel so the film also falls apart, rather than converge into a more satisfying finale. »
Twitch, by Niels Matthijs source:
«It's definitely not the best entry in the genre, but it's a very welcome addition for those craving fresh meat. The Seaside Motel is perfect filler that leaves you behind smiling, content with the 100 minutes of quality escapism you've just experienced. Definitely recommended.»

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Moriya, KentarôMORIYA Kentarô
Asmik Ace EntertainmentAsmik Ace Entertainment
J Storm
TV Man Union


Ikuta, TohmaIKUTA Tohma
as Masayuki kameda
Aso, KumikoASO Kumiko
as Candi
Yamada, TakayukiYAMADA Takayuki
as Yosuke asakura
Tamayama, TetsujiTAMAYAMA Tetsuji
as Toshio Aida
Narumi, RikoNARUMI Riko
as Rui
Nukumizu, YôichiNUKUMIZU Yôichi
as Pepe
Emoto, TokioEMOTO Tokio
as Chiibo
Furuta, ArataFURUTA Arata
as Katsutoshi Ota
Kojima, HijiriKOJIMA Hijiri
as Misaki
Ikeda, TetsuhiroIKEDA Tetsuhiro
as Tatsuya
Yamasaki, MamiYAMASAKI Mami
as Malin
Akahori, MasaakiAKAHORI Masaaki
as Yusuke
Nozoe, SeijiNOZOE Seiji
as Yasuhiko

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