Scrap Heaven
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Scrap Heaven

General info
Original title: Sukurappu Hebun (スクラプ・ヘイバン)
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.1 247 votes
Plot: Pharmacist Saki (Chiaki Kuriyama), timid policeman Shingo (Ryo Case) and toilet-cleaner Tetsu (Jo Odagiri) find their lives turned upside down when their bus is hijacked by a crazed businessman. When the ride turns violent, the three strangers are forever linked by the incident. Months later, Tetsu talks Shingo into collaborating on a most unique business venture: revenge-for-hire. Anyone with a problem can come to them and they'll take appropriate, vengeful measures. Meanwhile, Saki, disillusioned and increasingly anti-social, also wishes to take out her own revenge on society.

Director Lee Sang-Il follows up his critically-acclaimed '69' with this quirky, stylish, angst-filled ode to disaffected youth.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 117

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Scrap Heaven (Sukurappu Hebun) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Scrap Heaven
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«Nevertheless, the first 2/3rd of this film was absolutely brilliant and the rest of the film, although misguided, was never boring. Top notch acting by all three main actors, with equally impressive cinematography. Scrap Heaven should appeal to fans of Battle Royale, the Fight Club, and the Suicide Club.»
The New York Times, by LAURA KERN source:
«Full of rapid cuts, unconventional camera angles, freeze frames and a variety of other visual tricks, “Scrap Heaven” has style to spare. Yet while stumbling between comedy, meditative drama and action, it ultimately develops an identity crisis similar to that of its loosely drawn lead characters (whose own stories are considerably enhanced by a talented cast).»
Heroic Cinema, by Ben Jennings source:
«Scrap Heaven is exactly the kind of title that you often see attached to the sorts of horribly angsty indy movies that this one almost is. While the movie certainly goes downhill after its very nifty opening act, it's above average for what it is.»
DVD Times, by Kevin Gilvear source:
«Scrap Heaven is the latest film from 69 director Lee Sang-il, dealing with a desensitized, misguided youth culture of today as they use anarchy and bizarre forms of logic as the basis for their actions. Obviously it’s not the first and nor will it be the last in a long line of films trying to make statements about various taboo issues and society in general, but at least with Sang-il we’re given a fresh attempt; Scrap Heaven shows an impressive director in the making.»

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Lee, Sang-IlLEE Sang-Il
Bandai Visual CompanyBandai Visual Company
Office Shirous
TV Tokyo


Kase, RyoKASE Ryo
as Shingo
Odagiri, JôODAGIRI Jô
as Tetsu
Kuriyama, ChiakiKURIYAMA Chiaki
as Saki Fujimura
Emoto, AkiraEMOTO Akira


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