Samurai Pudding
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Samurai Pudding

General info
Original title: Chonmage Purin (ちょんまげぷりん)
Country: Japan
Year: 2010
Genre: Comedy, Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.2 42 votes
Plot: Single mother Hiroko and her 6-year-old son Tomoya are walking along the street one afternoon when they suddenly encounter a young samurai. Not just a period drama actor, but a real one from Edo period who somehow sliped forward in time 180 years to the present. Hiroko decides to help lost shelterless samurai named Yasubei and allows him to stay with her. Yasubei, being a properly raised son of Edo, feels obligated to repay her kindness — offers to do housework and cooking. After making pudding for Tomoya, Yasubei discovers he has a natural gift for making various western desserts.
  • The movie is based on Gen Araki’s novel “Fushigi no Kuni no Yasubei” (Yasubei in Wonderland).

  • Actor Ryo Nishikido attended cooking classes for two months to prepare for his role.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 108

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Samurai Pudding (Chonmage Purin) trailer

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Samurai Pudding
(overall rating: 3.3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)
Japan Times, by MARK SCHILLING - 3/5 source:
«His new film, "Chonmage Purin" has plenty of strangeness in it, but of the sweetly whimsical, TV sitcom sort. ... The real home for "Chonmage Purin" is the small screen, where the scrumptious- looking desserts and the buff Nishikikido will naturally attract eyeballs.»

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Nakamura, YoshihiroNAKAMURA Yoshihiro


Nishikido, RyoNISHIKIDO Ryo
as Kijima Yasube
Tomosaka, RieTOMOSAKA Rie
as Hiroko Yusa
Suzuki, FukuSUZUKI Fuku
as Tomoya Yusa
Konno, HirokiKONNO Hiroki
as Tanaka
Horibe, KeisukeHORIBE Keisuke
as Shirozaki
Sato, HitomiSATO Hitomi
as Yoshie Hiraishi
Kutsuna, ShioriKUTSUNA Shiori
Nakamura, YujiNAKAMURA Yuji
as MC
Inoue, JunINOUE Jun
as Tonoma Tomoharu

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