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General info
Original title: Rokkazu (ロッカーズ)
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Genre: Comedy, Music
IMDB Rating: 5.9 42 votes
Plot: 'Rockers' is an inconspicuous provincial rock band which could brag of empty halls and a single fan only. Jin (group soloist) desperately dreamed of a rock star career instead of a carpenter family business. Bassist Gaku-chan so much wanted to fly since childhood that has serious problems with the use of every possible types of psychotropic substances. Momo-chan (drums) have no luck in love, and every new failure only leaves crossed out tattoos on his body. Ko-chan (guitar) is a mess of sexual repression after a childhood at the mercy of two elder sisters eager to use him as a guinea pig for their make-up skills.

The band would drag to a bleak existence, until they forced to look for an additional guitar player and crazy talented and charismatic guitarist Tani joins them. Now when the group found its soul and the engine, they intend to fly to the top and reach all their dreams: to become professional musicians and stars, have a lot of fans, women and drugs!

This Takanori Jinnai's debut is a real story of his own band The Rockers.

Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 105

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Rockers (Rokkazu) trailer

Tags: Rockers, Rokkazu, 2003, Japanese movies, Comedy movies, Music movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

MidnightEye, Tom Mes source:
«Rockers is a film that will please even the most uninitiated of viewers, its excellent expressive and energetic performances making it a rewarding experience even for unsubtitled gaijin viewing (you won't be alone in this either, since most Japanese probably won't catch a good part of the dialogue due to the thick Hakata accents employed throughout).»

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Jinnai, TakanoriJINNAI Takanori
M.A. Field


Nakamura, ShunsukeNAKAMURA Shunsuke
as Jin
Tamaki, HiroshiTAMAKI Hiroshi
as Tani
Tsukamoto, TakashiTSUKAMOTO Takashi
as Ko-chan
Sato, RyutaSATO Ryuta
as Gaku-chan
Okada, YoshinoriOKADA Yoshinori
as Momo-chan
Uehara, MisaUEHARA Misa
as Mayumi
Tamayama, TetsujiTAMAYAMA Tetsuji
as Sakurai
Isayama, HirokoISAYAMA Hiroko
Kobayashi, KatsuyaKOBAYASHI Katsuya
as Yamaji
Osugi, RenOSUGI Ren
as Master
Asou, YumiASOU Yumi
as Jin's mother
Kazama, ToruKAZAMA Toru
Koizumi, KyôkoKOIZUMI Kyôko
as Sugimura Parco
Sato, KoichiSATO Koichi
as Doctor
Suzuki, KyokaSUZUKI Kyoka
as Nurse
Nakai, KiichiNAKAI Kiichi
as Pastor
Matsushige, YutakaMATSUSHIGE Yutaka
as Host of the contest
Moto, FuyukiMOTO Fuyuki
as Keith Richards-ni Otoko
Yashima, NoritoYASHIMA Norito
as a young doctor
Kamiki, RyunosukeKAMIKI Ryunosuke
as Young Taku

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