Rainbow Song
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Rainbow Song

General info
Original title: Niji No Megami (虹の女神)
Country: Japan
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.3 407 votes
Plot: Tomoya Kishida is working as a staffer in a television studio when he hears about the death of his close friend, Aoi Sato. This sparks his recollection of the events in life they shared from meeting at a record store, shooting a short film as part of their university film club, to saying their last goodbyes. Though in love with each other, neither had the courage to confess their feelings before it was too late.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 118

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Rainbow Song (Niji No Megami) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Rainbow Song
LoveHKfilm, Kevin Ma source: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/panasia/rainbow_song.htm
«A bittersweet romance drama co-written and produced by Shunji Iwai features both the best and the worst of the director's traits. Thankfully, the good tends to outweigh the bad, thanks to star Juri Ueno's performance.»
Swifty Writing, by Edmund Yeo source: http://swiftywriting.blogspot.com/2007/11/swifty-reviews-rainbow-song.html
«It's essentially a Jun-Ai (pure, innocent love, it's a new genre) film, and if done by lesser filmmakers, this would have been manipulative, weepy and contrived... But in this film, Shunji Iwai's influence are there, in terms of mood and aesthetics. Its somewhat humorous (but not forced and contrived), it's emotional but often understated and not melodramatic, and the filmmakers' unconventional use of handheld shots and lighting, along with the beautiful piano soundtrack...»
Variety, RUSSELL EDWARDS source: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117931916.html?categoryid=31&cs=1
«Love endures, but remains elusive, in "Rainbow Song," a sad but sweet Japanese meller about friends who never became lovers. A vehicle for Nipponese tube and movie heartthrob Hayato Ichihara, pic is a note-perfect lament for opportunities missed and will touch in equal measure young hearts inside and outside the land of the Rising Sun.»
iSUGOI, by M. Douglas source: http://www.isugoi.com/reviews/film-reviews/167-rainbow-song-review.html
«"Rainbow Song" is a film that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a carefully crafted experience that will please fans of Juri Ueno, Hayato Ichihara, and Yu Aoi, who all give great performances. It doesn’t deliver the generic love story all so often witnessed in other films of the same nature, and strives to offer the viewer something entirely different.»

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Kumazawa, NaotoKUMAZAWA Naoto
Iwai, ShunjiIWAI Shunji
SAITO Miyuki


Ichihara, HayatoICHIHARA Hayato
as Tomoya Kishida
Ueno, JuriUENO Juri
as Aoi Sato
Aoi, YûAOI Yû
as Kana Sato
Sakai, WakanaSAKAI Wakana
as Kyoko Asakura
Suzuki, AmiSUZUKI Ami
as Sayumi Kubo
Aida, ShôkoAIDA Shôko
as Chizuru Morikawa
Kohinata, FumiyoKOHINATA Fumiyo
as Yasujiro Sato
Sasaki, KuranosukeSASAKI Kuranosuke
as Shinsuke Higuchi
Onoue, HiroyukiONOUE Hiroyuki
as Jiro Hattori
Tanaka, KeiTANAKA Kei
as Gakuto Ogata
Fujii, LenaFUJII Lena
as Girl at cafe
Kaku, TomohiroKAKU Tomohiro
Mashima, HidekazuMASHIMA Hidekazu
Satô, SakichiSATÔ Sakichi
Suzuki, EmiSUZUKI Emi
Taki, PierreTAKI Pierre
TANE Tomoko
Tayama, RyouseiTAYAMA Ryousei
Washio, MachikoWASHIO Machiko
Yamanaka, SatoshiYAMANAKA Satoshi

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